Flavor Systems

Flavor systems at Balchem encompass the many solutions we bring to the dairy industry. Whether you need the perfect ice cream base and variegate pairing, or a creamy cup of holiday nog, we help companies turn creative frozen dessert and dairy ideas into winning products with the consumer. We can help you discover or customize flavor solutions and textures to stay on trend and make your brand memorable.

Products That Utilize Our Flavor Systems


Low melt-point flakes that provide superior mouthfeel and flavor release in ice creams, frozen desserts, and toppings.


Milk, dark, and white chocolate-flavored flakes that improve mouthfeel and flavor release in ice creams and frozen dessert toppings.

Chocolate Dairy Powders (CDP)

Balchem offers Milk Chocolate Dairy Powders for every chocolate milk application. We source high-quality cocoa for our powders from various origins. A stand-out cocoa sourcing location has been Belgium. We have sourced Belgian cocoa that provides a unique and exciting flavor profile. We are also skilled at developing new concepts in dairy and plant-based beverages that are ready for the dairy case. We continue to demonstrate new and exciting chocolate flavors for beverage bases.

We can match regional taste preferences, innovate new top notes, bring in different types of coffee too for delicious drinkable mochas. This allows for maximum consumer satisfaction and flavor success.

Eggnog Bases

Balchem is a leader in eggnog bases. Our eggnog base capabilities are premium quality and create standout eggnog applications. We use superior liquid and dry flavor systems that can be completely customized based on your needs. Our eggnog will have you feeling as jolly as can be!

Flavor Bases

Dairy and plant-based milk flavor bases. A broad range of taste profiles with various fat levels and sweetener systems. All available in lower calorie versions for school lunch programs.

Flavor Systems

Our All-In-One Dry Flavor System is a time-saver because it eliminates the need for time-consuming pail scraping. It does not require the handling of multiple products. The convenience of this all-in-one system is a huge part of what makes it a customer favorite. It can also be stored for up to one year after manufacturing. The time-saving aspect of our All-In-One Dry Flavor System makes it a standout!

Fruit Solid Pack

Fruit show adds texture and improves mouthfeel. It is valued in various applications. In frozen desserts specifically, fruit shows can be used within the flavor base or within a variegate. Then, in cultured applications, fruit show can be added to an exciting fruit-on-the-bottom application fruit prep or to a flavor base fruit prep.

We have decades of experience in formulating various fruit shows. Balchem specializes in small batch sizes. This means we cater specifically to our customers’ needs, regardless of batch size. Also, we have experience creating unique flavor profiles. We use textures from purees, diced, and whole fruits to create the fruit show that works best for the customers’ processing and final application. Our customers can request a fruit show depending on their application and processing method, and we can create a product that will give them the texture they need.

Juice Bases

Our juice bases provide high-quality flavor for our customers. We offer a wide range of juice flavors and top notes. These flavors are easily customizable and can be adjusted to match your specific formulation idea. Whether you would like to customize the sweetener level or add in a specific vitamin, we can make sure your juice is one that customers reach towards.

Balchem offers fruit and veggie blends. This makes getting your daily fruits and veggies tastier and easier. Some of the blends we have created are raspberry green veggie and orange carrot. We can include functional ingredient fortification such as minerals, vitamins, and nutrients like VitaCholine®. Flavor impact is a big deal. So, we offer strong flavor impact at various liquid strengths. Balchem’s expertise in juice formulation provides a game-changing amount of flexibility within the juice aisle. Not only can we customize the flavors, we also provide a variety of price points. This means that our juices can be created based around your budget. We provide juice content options from 0-100% and even offer a 100% fortified juice program for school lunches!


Our Kalva® Dip Coatings provide a wide range of benefits aside from the extensive list of customization options. Mouthfeel is important to us when creating a dip coating. So, we reduce our particle size to create the preferred mouthfeel. This size reduction creates a natural, smooth texture for the consumer. These benefits along with our years of experience are the reason why Kalva® is the right choice for your next sweet treat.

Liquid Chip

Balchem’s liquid chip technology is built for mixing into ice cream and other frozen desserts. It can be formulated for viscosity, mouthfeel, flavor, color and textures. Formulated to your specific production needs for even distribution in the final ice cream or frozen dessert product, including novelties.

Lemonade & Iced Tea Bases

Leverage our flavor systems to create beverage bases for your lemonades that are predictable and easy-to-use. Whether you want a matched lemonade or a customized trending flavor we can create the profile you seek. As consumers are seeking low and no-sugar alternatives, Balchem can help you work with a number of sweetener alternatives, as well.

We create a wide variety of iced tea flavors whether you are formulating the perfect freshly-brewed, homemade flavor or looking to add a raspberry top notes to your offerings. Our tea bases come in a variety of flavors and we are always open to creating a new flavor with you! Our tea bases include, but are not limited to, black tea, orange pekoe, rooibos, green, matcha, white, black, red leaf teas, and so many more! We create economical options with that same high-quality taste your consumers will crave. Regardless of what tea flavor you choose for the warmer months, it will be a refreshing, ice-cold summer beverage.

Syrups, Shakes & Smoothie Bases

The syrups we create build on our expertise in creating delicious variegates and frozen dessert systems, but instead of being swirled in, are used as a topping. We offer many innovative flavors and the list is ever-expanding. While everyone loves chocolate and hog fudge syrups, bubble gum, banana, espresso, butter pecan makes delicious syrups too, just to name a few more syrup toppings we offer. These flavors can be adjusted specifically for your needs and are completely customizable. Shake Syrups from Balchem can turn the shakes you serve into an instant comfort classic. We use real fruit in our fruit-based flavors, in-house chocolate expertise for the chocolate and caramel lovers, and are ready for in-store preparation!


Variegates deliver flavor, color, texture, and taste for a truly sensory experience in your ice cream. This advancement creates dimension in your frozen desserts by enhancing their appearance through color and texture. Rich flavor combined with unmatched visual appeal results in a product that will leave your customers craving more.

Ribbons, Ribbonettes, Ripples, Swirls, Sauces, Spirals, and Revels are all names used to describe variegates. As many names as there are for variegates, the options for flavors and textures are infinitely greater. From chewy caramels, creamy and chunky peanut butters glitter and fruity flavored cereals, we create interest through unique eating experiences.Hot fudge, toasty marshmallow, grape jelly, sea salt caramel, cookie fudge or graham cracker are just a few examples of the variegates we have commercialized to build layers of flavors in some of the most popular ice creams available today. Our R&D team thrives on delivering the exact right experience and develops new concepts to meet the needs of your target market.

Types of Variegates:

  • Water-Based
  • Oil Based
  • Water-in-Oil
  • Oil-in-Water
  • Textured


Vitamin A, Palmitate, and Vitamin D3 supplements used in dairy and functional beverages. Multiple vitamin emulsions are available.

These statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.