Flavor Systems

Flavor systems at Balchem encompass the many solutions we bring to the dairy industry. Whether you need the perfect ice cream base and variegate pairing, or a creamy cup of holiday nog, we help companies turn creative frozen dessert and dairy ideas into winning products with the consumer. We can help you discover or customize flavor solutions and textures to stay on trend and make your brand memorable.

Products That Utilize Our Flavor Systems


Low melt-point flakes that provide superior mouthfeel and flavor release in frozen treats.


Milk, dark, and white chocolate-flavored flakes that improve mouthfeel and flavor release.

Chocolate Dairy Powders

Milk Chocolate Dairy Powders for every chocolate milk application sourced from high-quality cocoa.

Eggnog Bases

Our eggnog base capabilities use superior liquid and dry flavor systems that can be completely customized for your needs.

Dairy & Plant-Based Milk Bases

Dairy and plant-based milk flavor bases. A broad range of taste profiles with various fat levels and sweetener systems.

Flavor Systems

Our All-In-One Dry Flavor System is a time-saver because it eliminates the need for time-consuming pail scraping.

Fruit Solid Pack

Fruit show adds texture and improves mouthfeel. It is valued in various applications and can be stored for up to one year!

Juice Bases

Our juice bases provide high-quality flavor. We offer a wide range of juice flavors and top notes that are easily customizable.


Our Kalva® Dip Coatings provide a wide range of benefits aside from the extensive list of customization options.

Liquid Chip

Balchem’s liquid chip technology is built for mixing frozen treats. It can be formulated for viscosity, mouthfeel, flavor, color, and textures.


Vitamin A, Palmitate, and Vitamin D3 supplements are used in dairy and functional beverages. Multiple vitamin emulsions are available.

Lemonade & Iced Tea Bases

Leverage our flavor systems to create delicious Lemonade and Iced Tea. Whether you want a matched drink or a custom trending flavor, we have you covered.

Syrups, Shakes & Smoothie Bases

We offer many innovative flavors and the list is ever-expanding. These flavors can be adjusted specifically for your needs and are completely customizable.


Our variegate types deliver flavor, color, texture, and taste for a truly sensory experience in your ice cream.

The types of variegate we offer are:

  • Water-based
  • Oil-based
  • Water-in-Oil
  • Oil-in-Water
  • Textured
  • GlimmerTM Variegates

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