Maximizing Companion Animal Health & Productivity

Our companions deserve the best. That’s why Balchem Animal Nutrition & Health has spent countless hours researching new and innovative ways to provide nutritional feeding solutions for companion animals. We leverage our adept production knowledge and archive of scientific studies in order to offer the most comprehensive nutrient solutions for our furry friends.

Our Companion Animal Solution

With pet ownership, comes new responsibilities. Our animals’ health, energy, and quality of life is in our hands which is why it’s crucial to supply them with the right kind of pet food that will meet their nutritional needs and promote wellbeing. Luckily you won’t have to look far because at Balchem we understand the importance of making sure that pets not only maintain a well-balanced diet, but also enjoy their food and the feeding experience as a whole. We combine our passion for animal nutrition and our scientific knowledge to deliver superior products for pet food that helps improve the wellbeing of pets everywhere and outclasses our competitors.

Our Companion Animal Products

We encourage you to explore our wide selection of companion animal products specifically designed to be used in the production of pet food or reach out to a member of our team. Our sales and technical experts are eager to assist you with any special requests or questions that you may have.