Microencapsulation Technology

Our microencapsulates are tailored for use in your specific product. Whether in baking, confectionery, meat, or other applications, let us know your processing conditions and we’ll help you select the right microencapsulated ingredient that consistently performs control the delivery point of active ingredient and delivers exactly as expected so it’s protected throughout your system’s demands.

What is Microencapsulation?

Encapsulation is an “Enabling Technology” that helps control release and maintain the functionality of ingredients. Encapsulating an ingredient can help you improve stability and handling characteristics of sensitive actives, as well as increase viable shelf life.

Microencapsulation is an effective way to maximize the mold-free shelf life and quality of baked goods through microencapsulated preservatives. Our proprietary controlled release technology minimizes the unwanted side effects of highly reactive food acids and preservatives during the baking process. With BakeShure® preservation technology you can prevent the degradation of protein, improve yeast activity, boost product consistency, optimize production and launch new products you previously thought impossible.

The Pharma and Dietary Supplement Industries

To the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries, encapsulation is the process of adding ingredients into capsules, while microencapsulation is the coating of individual or blends of active ingredients. While microencapsulation is the technical terminology for this process, encapsulation is most commonly referenced on an ingredient level.

Microencapsulated Ingredient Uses

Our microencapsulated ingredients are used to:

  • Control food ingredient interaction within its environment
  • Extend shelf-life through the controlled release of active ingredients
  • Reduce moisture pick-up by hygroscopic ingredients
  • Mask unwanted taste and flavor
  • Extend release of ingredient interaction

Microencapsulation Features & Benefits

Our proprietary technology creates a coating system where particles are repeatedly propelled through a mist of atomized coating droplets. The multiple layers of coating results in a thin, but very strong shell over the active ingredient. 

Non-PHO Microencapsulation

We provide non-PHO microencapsulated ingredients that retain ingredient survival and release properties that are also cost-favorable and label-friendly. Our non-PHO replacement coating systems have been tested in the most stressful conditions (i.e. frozen meat grinding) delivering equal survival properties, little to no cost impact, and label-friendly for consumer acceptance and appeal. 

Markets That Commonly Utilize Our Microencapsulation Technology