chocolate cupcake
October 18, 2021Did Someone Say CHOCOLATE?! It’s National Chocolate Cupcake Day!
What’s a delectable handheld treat that all ages love? That’s right, it’s cupcakes! Today, we here at Balchem are excited …
Dessert Day
October 14, 2021Time For A Sugar Rush On National Dessert Day!
Cookies, cakes, pies, brownies and ice cream galore! Today, October 14th, is National Dessert Day. Here at Balchem we love …
Customer Service Week
October 5, 2021Celebrating Customer Service Week
This week is Customer Service Appreciation Week, and we want to thank all our employees in customer service for all your hard work, especially during these unprecedented times.
homemade cookie
October 1, 2021Bake it Up a Notch on National Homemade Cookie Day
Whether made from scratch, a mix, or a simple breakaway dough any cookie you make yourself can be considered homemade. …
September 6, 2021Helping Workers Stay Healthy
Balchem thinks it is a good time to talk about ways to support the health of workers, and why they should learn more about magnesium.
womens equality
August 26, 2021Women’s Equality Day
Women’s Equality Day is celebrated every year on August 26th to commemorate women in the US gaining the right to vote.
August 24, 2021Grab Some Butter and Syrup! It’s National Waffle Day!
Balchem®’s encapsulated product BakeShure®, will provide quality and consistency to your waffle batter through pH optimization, flavor delivery, leavening control, moisture control, and antimicrobial preservation.
August 22, 2021Mooooove Over, Cow Milk. You’re Not the Only Milk on the Shelf
August 22 is World Plant Milk Day, so this is your opportunity to explore and sample some of the dairy milk alternatives that are available consumers. Different kinds of plant-based milks have been used across the globe for hundreds of years.
August 15, 2021Take a Moment to Relax – National Relaxation Day!
While Sunday has been called a day of rest, the truth is we’re always very busy and don’t relax as much as is good for us.
August 4, 2021National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
If you enjoy the classic chocolate chip cookie, then today is a day to celebrate. August 4th is National Chocolate …
August 2, 2021National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
Today we celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. The combination of ice cream stacked between the cookies that hold it …
July 27, 2021Balchem Partners to Enable Food Innovations that Deliver on Consumer Demand for Children’s Nutrition
Balchem Corp. has entered into an exciting agreement with Ninja Life Hacks. The three primary areas where Balchem’s food technology will be utilized to bring the Ninja Life Hacks brand to life are: Brain Power, Emotional Well-Being, and Immune Health & Nutrition. To find out more, please click here.
hot fudge sundae
July 23, 2021Hot Fudge Sundaes: A Classic Summertime Treat
Grab your hot fudge, ice cream, and a cherry topping to celebrate this summertime classic! July 25th is National Hot …
Ice Cream Day
July 19, 2021Cup or Cone?
That should be the only pressing question on your mind today. July 18th is national ice cream day. Here’s the …
July 14, 2021Cozy Up With Some Mac and Cheese!
Today we celebrate one of America’s favorite comfort foods, Mac and Cheese! July 14th is National Mac and Cheese Day, so let’s all celebrate with a warm bowl of creamy, cheesy goodness!
blueberry muffin
July 12, 2021National Blueberry Muffin Day!
July 11th is National Blueberry Muffin Day! This fruity baked good is always a crowd favorite.
Chocolate Day
July 8, 2021The Sweetest Day of the Year- World Chocolate Day!
If you consider yourself a chocolate lover, then today is a great day to celebrate! July 7th is Chocolate Day. …
July 5, 2021Are you a Workaholic?
Workaholics may not take time to focus much on eating a healthy diet. Even those who focus on a healthy diet may still have nutrient deficiencies.
Ice Cream Month
July 2, 2021We All Scream For Ice Cream!
Enjoy this month with a sweet, delicious treat, because July is National Ice Cream Month! This frozen dessert is sure to cool you down and satisfy your sweet tooth in the hot summer sun.
June 23, 2021Stay Hydrated on National Hydration Day
The range of health benefits offered in functional beverages is revolutionary in its depth and breadth.
National Milkshake Day
June 20, 2021Cool Off with a Vanilla Milkshake!
Today we celebrate a classic American frozen treat. June 20th is National Vanilla Milkshake Day!
glimmer cupcakes
June 14, 2021A Day Dedicated to Dessert Enthusiasts- National Cupcake Lovers Day!
A Day Just for Desserts! What’s better than a cupcake? A day designed for cupcakes. June 13th was National Cupcake …
June 10, 2021June is National Dairy Month!
June is National Dairy Month! Dairy has played an important role in the health and nutrition of Americans since modern …
Chocolate Ice Cream Day
June 7, 2021We All Scream for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!
Enjoy the summer heat in a sweet and cool way, because today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! This rich …
May 26, 2021Two Delicious Foods, One Delectable Day – National Blueberry Cheesecake Day
Today we celebrate Blueberry Cheesecake Day! The combination of sweet blueberries and decadent cheesecake is one not to miss. Cheesecake …
May 21, 2021National Devil’s Food Cake Day
Sinfully decadent, we celebrate Devil’s Food Cake Day today! This rich chocolate cake is the counterpart to Angel’s Food Cake. …
Apple Pie
May 13, 2021Sweet as Pie – National Apple Pie Day!
Dating back to at least 1381, we celebrate this patriotic pie on May 13th. This delicious dessert is spiced with …
May 6, 2021Visit Us Online at Vitafood’s Insights Virtual Expo!
Vitafood’s Insights Virtual Expo will be taking place 10-13 May 2021 and Balchem Human Nutrition & Health will be exhibiting!
May 2, 2021Celebrating Babies – Balchem is helping babies get a Smart Start through better nourishment.
May 2nd is National Baby Day and we’re celebrating, you guessed it, babies! The smallest and newest members of society require special diets. From conception through early childhood a baby’s brain develops rapidly, setting the foundation for our lifelong cognitive health and performance.
April 9, 2021What’s a Unicorn’s Favorite Ingredient? Glimmer!
Today we celebrate unicorns and their magical qualities.  This mythical creature has been around since ancient times and symbolizes love, …
April 3, 2021Keeping Things Light & Airy on Chocolate Mousse Day!
Light, airy and decadent – Happy Chocolate Mousse Day! While mousse can be savory or sweet, today we celebrate the …
March 27, 2021When Life Gets Hard, Indulge in a Soft and Chewy Nougat – It’s National Nougat Day!
Today we celebrate National Nougat Day! This aerated confection is known for it’s mix-ins, as well as it’s texture. first …
March 17, 2021Examining the Research on the Sleep Health Benefits of Magnesium (Part 2)
Insomnia is a disturbance to proper sleep patterns and quality.  The effect of magnesium, vitamin B complex, and melatonin supplement …
March 16, 2021Examining the Research on the Sleep Health Benefits of Magnesium (Part 1)
Did losing an hour’s sleep with Daylight Saving Time change leave you feeling a bit groggy? Curious how Magnesium from …
March 8, 2021Different Variegate Types
Water-Based Variegate Water-Based variegates are stabilized sugar syrups with fruits, cocoa, flavorings, and/or colors added. The mainstream flavors that you’re …
March 8, 2021Join Us in Celebrating Women’s History Month
March is Women’s History Month and we celebrate International Women’s History Day on March 8th. Throughout history, even when facing …
February 26, 2021Benefits of Creatine Supplementation
Most everyone has heard about the potential benefits of creatine supplementation for sport performance, as well as skeletal muscle enhancement …
February 26, 2021What Makes A Real and Biologically Functional Nutritional Chelate
For over 50 years Albion has been the leading global supplier of chelated minerals. Albion has been manufacturing amino acid …
February 26, 2021Get on the Path to Healing and A Strong Immune System
The common cold. The flu. Ulcers. Broken bones. Burns. Even cancer. How strong are our bodies to heal from and …
February 26, 2021How Trace Minerals Impact Your Antioxidant Defense System
Free radicals. They’re unstable and highly reactive.  And capable of causing cellular damage when enough of them get together.  In …
February 26, 2021Calcium Supplementation – Not As Easy As Advertised
If you watch TV, you’ve likely seen a commercial for a particular brand of antacid that claims to not only …
February 26, 2021Minerals – A Vital Part of Your Diet
Fundamental to our well-being, the human body relies on minerals to perform a wide variety of necessary functions. Minerals help …
February 26, 2021Shedding Light on Drug-Nutrient Interactions
People are living longer… There’s no doubt about it – people are living longer these days. It’s not that uncommon …
February 26, 2021Joe Tries to Stay Healthy – But is My Supplement Right?
Joe awakes to the buzz of his alarm. It’s 6 a.m. and time to power his way through another productive …
February 26, 2021Deciphering Supplement Labels
If labeling on supplement package labels has ever seemed confusing, you’re not alone. This newsletter aims to take some of …
February 26, 2021Minerals and Your Skin
Your Skin – Your Largest Organ  As the outermost covering of your body, your skin is a vital protector from …
February 26, 2021Zinc and Arginine
A compilation of research updates on the importance of Zinc The Immune System and Zinc Zinc plays a central role …
February 26, 2021Sports, Exercise and Zinc
Research concerning the relationship between sports, exercise, and mineral nutrition has been in progress for a few decades. A widely …
February 26, 2021Antioxidant Defense Systems and Trace Minerals
The amount of scientific research giving strong evidence to support the positive benefits of antioxidant nutritional supplementation continues to grow. …
February 26, 2021How Safe Is Your Supplementation?
Minerals, Trace Minerals and Ultra Trace Minerals There are 106 elements listed in the Periodic Table of Elements. But what …
February 26, 2021Defending Against the Sun
The sun can have an impact on human skin at any time of the year, but most people get their …
February 26, 2021Trace Minerals for Heart Health
There are a variety of cardiovascular disorders, and there are many causes. Nutrition, which includes minerals and trace minerals, plays …
February 26, 2021Best Minerals for Brain Function
What Does the Research Say? As the lifespan of human populations lengthens in developed nations, science has started to look …
February 26, 2021Bariatric Surgery and Mineral Nutrition
Bariatric Surgery in the U.S. The market surrounding weight loss is one of the largest in the U.S. and other …
February 26, 2021Calcium Supplementation: Still a Necessity – But is It Safe?
In the last few years, there have been a few published clinical studies that link calcium supplementation to health problems. …
February 26, 2021All About Magnesium
This special form of magnesium is a chelate which binds magnesium with lysine, an essential amino acid that is a …
February 26, 2021Iron Supplements: Challenges and Solutions
There are many reasons why iron is often considered a challenging supplement; chiefly, gastric side effects and undesirable taste. In …
February 26, 2021Minerals for Sports Performance & Exercise
There is no question that sports performance, intensive training, and endurance sports (marathon runners, triathletes, etc.) result in a more …
February 26, 2021Minerals Involved with Weight Loss
It has been observed for some time that the incidence of people being overweight and the incidence of obesity are …
February 26, 2021Supporting Brain Function with Minerals
Cognitive Function: An intellectual process by which one becomes aware of, perceives, or comprehends ideas. It involves all aspects of perception, …
February 26, 2021Trace Minerals Fight Against Free Radicals
Radical Oxygen Species (ROS), or free radicals, are unstable toxic by-products of normal oxygen metabolism. Some of their main targets …
February 25, 2021The Role of Minerals in Supporting Thyroid Health
Hypothyroidism is one of the most common health issues encountered in the United States. According to the American Thyroid Association, …
February 25, 2021Minerals for Detox
Spring Cleaning – Detoxification and Cleansing In the springtime it is common to find that people want to get their …
February 25, 2021Exercise & Athletic Recovery: A Three-Part Plan for Optimal Nutrition
Science continues to uncover the important role recovery plays in exercise and athletic performance. Getting the proper nutrition after working …
February 25, 2021Feel the Rhythm – Minerals for Heart Health
Cardiac muscle or heart muscle makes up the bulk of the heart’s mass. This muscle is an extremely specialized form …
February 25, 2021Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby: Prenatal Nutrition
Key Nutrient Needs Pregnancy places increased nutritional needs on the body of the expectant mother, and her diet has a …
February 25, 2021Lifelong Benefits of Choline in Pre-Natal Nutrition
Choline Helps Provide Optimal Nutrition for a Happy, Healthy Baby Scientific evidence continues to build supporting the importance of choline …
February 25, 2021Magnesium and Brain Health
Magnesium, Energy and The Brain Magnesium plays significant roles within many of the body’s tissues and organs, including the brain. …
February 25, 2021Magnesium for Health Throughout Life
Magnesium is Essential Throughout Life Magnesium is truly one of the most vital minerals for maintaining health throughout life. In …
February 25, 2021Nutritional Challenges as We Age
Aging and Nutrient Absorption As we age, there are a number of natural physiological changes experienced in gastrointestinal (GI) function. …
February 25, 2021Essential Minerals for Immune Support
The Crucial Role of Zinc and Your Immune Health While there are many nutrients involved in making sure your immune …
February 10, 2021Happy Cream Cheese Brownie Day!
Happy Cream Cheese Brownie Day! Today we invite everyone to enjoy a brownie to celebrate! Whether it be cakey or …
January 19, 2021Poppin’ Ideas for Popcorn Day!
It’s Popcorn Day! We are celebrating with poppin’ ideas for this favorite snack. While the opportunities to get a butter-soaked …
December 31, 2020Pop the Bubbly and Say Goodbye 2020!
Goodbye, 2020! It is officially time to pop the bubbly! We could not be more excited to be entering a New Year. Join us in celebrating the transition to 2021! We’re going to wax nostalgic to yesteryear and invite you to celebrate with us as we examine some of our booze-inspired creations!
December 30, 2020Formulating with Bacon
Bacon’s savory flavor can create an exciting contrast with an otherwise sweet treat. Using bacon within an inclusion or ice cream can make your creation a stand-out!
December 26, 2020Masters of Mint
Balchem’s application expertise in formulating perfectly balanced mint ensures that the end product is consumer-ready.
December 17, 2020Maple Matters
Maple is a warm flavor note to add to desserts. We have become experts at formulating flavors that include maple, keep reading to learn more.
December 13, 2020Customizing Cocoa
Our chocolate dairy powder is made from high quality cocoa from a variety of regions. Creating unique flavors with sourced cocoa powders is an application and manufacturing skillset where Balchem excels. We create unique flavors and can match flavor, color, and multiple other sensory characteristics to match your manufacturing needs to meet consumer expectations.
December 9, 2020Pretty Pastries
Balchem’s blended inclusions combine at least two colors and can be flavored, as well. Our favorite blended inclusions are three pastels combined to create flights of fancy in sweet desserts without colors bleeding in the batter or melting into each other.
December 8, 2020Our Best Brownie Creations
Balchem flavor experts can create an endless amount of unique flavor profiles for our ice cream and inclusions.
December 5, 2020Comfort Food Creations
It’s no secret that we all are reaching for comfort these days. Sometimes, that comfort is a slice of pizza, a pint of ice cream, or the quarantine-favorite, banana bread!
December 4, 2020Celebrating Cookie Day
We have created many awesome cookie-related ice cream flavors, it’s hard to pick just a few to feature today. Each of these flavors is an exciting take on a classic cookie, reinvented as an ice cream using Balchem bases, variegates and our low-melt inclusions.
December 1, 2020Our Top 10 Eggnog Flavors
In honor of Eggnog Month, we decided to feature a few of our eggnog flavors, ranked in no particular order. They are all filled with cheer and sure to get you into the holiday spirit! If you are interested in learning more about the technology behind these flavors, please check out our Eggnog Bases blog.
November 30, 2020Mousse & More
Did you know that mousse in French translates to foam? Well, our mousse applications help your mousse live up to this foamy reputation. Creating airy, fluffy mousse is tricky. Our QuIC Whip™ product line helps with this!
November 27, 2020Leftover Safety Tips
Leftovers are the 2nd best part of Thanksgiving…right behind the first time you enjoy the meal! Since this holiday guest list may be shorter than other years, we want to make sure your abundance of leftovers are enjoyed safely.
November 24, 2020Perfect Pie Preparation
With Thanksgiving right around the corner and more winter holidays following closely behind, we are looking forward to enjoying the classic dessert, pie. Our pie bases are so good that even a slice of humble pie won’t make us say otherwise! Keep reading to see why.
November 23, 2020Cranberry Creations
Our juice bases provide high-quality flavor for our customers. We offer a wide range of juice flavors and top notes.
November 19, 2020Creating Freezer to Oven Dinner Rolls
Balchem’s BakeShure® line is known for not inhibiting yeast, helping to create ideal texture in leavened baked goods. It works exceptionally well in FTO applications, as well.
November 18, 2020Creating Freshly Brewed Apple Cider
We can add top notes to apple cider flavors. This allows for exciting LTOs and maximum customization options. Creating apple cider flavors that taste freshly brewed is something that Balchem specializes in.
November 16, 2020Mashed Potatoes and Gravy: The Perfect Pair
Balchem helps you create the perfect packets of instant mashed potato applications along with powdered gravy options through our spray drying and agglomeration technologies.
November 12, 2020Tea Time
Our tea bases come in a variety of flavors and we are always open to creating a new flavor with you! We are always looking for new flavor trends in the tea market and constantly researching the upcoming trends.
November 10, 2020Not-So-Vanilla Flavors
One flavor trend pillar that Balchem can help you deliver to the consumer in Nuanced Indulgences. Vanilla isn’t just vanilla anymore.
November 5, 2020Donut Delight
Donuts are a breakfast favorite. They are sweet, fluffy, and often covered in melt-in-your-mouth icing. Balchem has multiple ingredients that can assist in making your donuts the best in town!
November 4, 2020Adding Protein to Candy Bars
Balchem recently acquired Zumbro River Brands. This means that Balchem now offers Z-Crisps®! We are excited about the new opportunities to innovate within the protein crisp market.
November 3, 2020Creating Your Best Bread
Balchem’s BakeShure® 250 allows for higher volume white bread loaves and flavor delivery optimization.
November 1, 2020Plant-Based Perfection
Balchem is widely known for our flexibility and innovation. We formulate custom flavors, textures, and can even seamlessly switch an application from dairy to non-dairy.
October 31, 2020Spooky Seasonal Flavors
Happy Halloween! We know that things look a little different and masks are being worn for reasons other than for costumes. We hope that it is still a time for you to celebrate and enjoy some sweet treats! This blog will feature our Halloween Feature Flavors we have created and information on our sour candy applications.
October 28, 2020Top 10 Chocolate Creations
Let’s make your next custom chocolatey creation. Contact us to get started!
October 27, 2020Let’s Noodle On It
Balchem’s powdered sauce capabilities cover noodles in saucy goodness. This includes a variety of sauce capabilities from unique cheese flavors, teriyaki, gravy…the sauce options just keep going!
October 26, 2020Phenomenal Pumpkin Applications
Are you craving pumpkin spice yet? Contact us to start creating your next not-so-basic pumpkin spice creation!
October 23, 2020How to Indulge in Your Daily Fruit and Veggies
Balchem has formulated multiple products that include portions of the daily recommended serving amount of fruits and veggies.
October 22, 2020In a Nutshell
Adding nuts into a frozen dessert adds texture and flavor, as well as improving mouthfeel. It also provides a nice contrast to sweet flavors.
October 21, 2020Apple of Our Eye
Autumn would not be the same without apples. Whether it is apple picking, apple bobbing, or enjoying caramel apples…this sweet, crunchy fruit is a fall staple. Balchem has created many flavors over the years involving apples and offers other apple flavored applications as well. Apple flavors are must-try as consumers seek more creature comforts and nostalgic traditional flavors are trending.
October 20, 2020Our 2021 Fall Ice Cream Feature Flavors Have Arrived!
Our Fall 2021 Ice Cream Feature Flavors have arrived! Through extensive research, the Balchem Human Nutrition and Health Team has outlined the 2021 Ice Cream Trends for Fall.
October 19, 2020NEW Flavor Trends in 2021
Through extensive research, the Balchem Human Nutrition and Health Team has outlined the 2021 Ice Cream Trends. To ensure we stay up-to-date with current trends, we now release Feature Flavors and updated trend projections multiple times per year. More frequent launches are designed to give you faster reaction times for your product development to meet demand as consumer preferences shift.
October 18, 2020Cupcake Capabilities
Cupcakes have risen in popularity within the past 10 years and do not seem to be going anywhere. Popular television shows have been created based around creating over-the-top, beautiful cupcakes.
October 16, 2020Eggnog Excellence
Balchem is a leader in eggnog bases. Our eggnog base capabilities are premium quality and create standout eggnog applications.
October 13, 2020Announcing 2021 Inclusions Fall Feature Flavors
Our new Inclusion Feature Flavors are here, and we are ready to share with you to help get your Fall-inspired LTO bakery items to market faster.
October 7, 2020The Technology Behind Your Favorite Frappé
Balchem spray dry coffee creamers stand out. This is because of our experts and the advanced technology we use when spray drying.
October 4, 2020Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice
We are experts in cinnamon flavors and enjoy creating the perfect balance of sweet and spice. Our passion for globally inspired flavors shows in our use of cinnamon in ice cream and desire to create nuanced flavors.
September 29, 2020We Are Coffee Connoisseurs
Cherry is a standout, summery fruit that reminds us of picnics on hot days. We have created a variety of frozen desserts involving cherry, a “berry” charming flavor.
September 24, 2020Charmed By Cherry
Cherry is a standout, summery fruit that reminds us of picnics on hot days. We have created a variety of frozen desserts involving cherry, a “berry” charming flavor.
September 13, 2020Nuts About Peanuts
Balchem has created many frozen dessert and ice cream flavors with peanuts and peanut butter.
September 10, 2020I Dip, You Dip, We Dip! All About Kalva Cones
Our market leading brand, Kalva® Dip Coatings, allows for an exciting and extensive list of flavors and capabilities.
September 5, 2020Creating Your Freezer To Oven Pizza
Our BakeShure® line helps to preserve pizza dough.
September 2, 2020We’re Nuts For Coconuts
Coconut is a refreshing note that compliments fruity flavors, chocolatey flavors and every flavor in between. Coconut also translates well into non-dairy coffee creamers as well as spray dried and agglomerated lipid nutritional systems.
September 1, 2020Webinar On Trends And Opportunities In Dairy And Non-dairy Beverages
Balchem specializes in developing encapsulated solutions.
August 31, 2020Sour Solutions
Balchem specializes in developing encapsulated solutions.
August 27, 2020Agglomeration 101
Agglomeration is an important technology for the powdered food and beverage industry.
August 25, 2020Fruit Show 101
Fruit show can be in the form of seeds, purees, shreds of fruit, diced fruit, or whole fruit.
August 22, 2020Plant-Milk Popularity
As alternative diets continue to grow in popularity, consumers are seeking more plant-based food products to incorporate into their daily diets.
August 20, 2020National Lemonade Day
Today, we are celebrating National Lemonade Day. As lemonade stands are set up on street corners to raise funds, we salute all that are delivering refreshment with an ice cold glass of summer’s favorite beverage.
August 12, 2020Encapsulated Acids In Tortillas
Balchem was recently featured in a “Snack and Bakery” article about developing better for you tortillas.
August 10, 2020Completely Clean Label
Clean Label Solutions from Balchem® are designed to help you build your clean label platform.
August 7, 2020Milk Chocolate Dairy Powders
Balchem offers Chocolate Dairy Powder for every chocolate milk application.
August 6, 2020Indulge Your Memories of Yesteryear
Balchem created Float Your Cherry Boat for our 2019 Feature Flavors campaign. This nostalgic ice cream built on a Root …
August 3, 2020Winning Watermelon Applications
We excel in creating watermelon-based concepts that are balanced and flavorful.
August 2, 2020Happy Ice Cream Sandwich Day!
We are excited to share with you flavors that would be perfect for the center of this dessert.
August 1, 2020Mustard, Mango, Or Mint!
The sky is the limit with the flavor concepts we can create!
July 31, 2020Avocado Applications & Other Plant-Based Trends
Our InstaBlend™ Avocado Creamer is the perfect addition to a smoothie mix.
July 30, 2020Celebrating Cheesecake Day!
Today is National Cheesecake Day! We wanted to take this opportunity to spotlight a few of our cheesecake-related indulgences, perfect for a sweet treat.
July 27, 2020Shake It Up!
Our favorite day of the year is here! It’s National Ice Cream Day!
July 25, 2020Hot Fudge Sundae Day
Balchem excels at creating delicious Hot Fudge variegates, syrups, toppings and sauces for your ice cream and frozen dessert concepts.
July 22, 2020National Hot Dog Day
It’s National Hot Dog Day! Hot dogs are nothing without a perfect bun. The bun can really make or break the quality of the hot dog. This is why our BakeShure® line plays an important role in creating optimal hot dog buns.
July 19, 2020Ice Cream Trends During COVID
Our favorite day of the year is here! It’s National Ice Cream Day!
July 14, 2020Mac & Cheese Please!
It’s Mac & Cheese Day! Our lipid powder applications will have you saying Mac & Cheese please!
July 13, 2020Z-Crisps® Are Here!
We are so excited to share our new capabilities after Balchem acquired Zumbro River Brands. Balchem now offers Z-Crisps® which are available in multiple protein sources and innovative flavor combinations.
July 10, 2020Healthier Fats & Why We Love Them
Balchem formulates applications with a wide variety of healthier fats.
July 7, 2020Strawberry Sundae Day
It’s Strawberry Sundae Day! For a healthier strawberry sundae, we love our 2016 Feature Flavor, Strawberry Sunset . It is frozen Greek yogurt with a strawberry basil lemonade base. Just top this flavor with some strawberries and you have a strawberry-filled sundae!
July 2, 2020Iced Tea Flavor Opportunities
Balchem creates unique iced tea flavor bases that are available in standard and custom flavors.
June 24, 2020Tortillas Are Trending
Tortillas are one of the fastest growing bakery segments. Balchem can help you create tortillas with better appearance that improve the entire eating experience. We have engineered our BakeShure® encapsulated acidulants to perform three major functions: Control, Protect and Deliver.
June 21, 2020Smoothie Day
Happy Smoothie Day! Nothing is better on a summer day than a refreshing, fruit-filled smoothie.
June 3, 2020National Cheese Day
Today is National Cheese Day! We are so excited to celebrate this by sharing Balchem’s cheese-related applications.
May 26, 2020Devil’s Food Cake Recipe
We have a delectable Devil’s Food Cake Recipe to share with you. This recipe includes our BakeShure® Encapsulates to boost quality and consistency through pH optimization, flavor delivery, leavening control, moisture control, and antimicrobial preservation.
May 11, 20202021 Frozen Dessert Feature Flavors
This week’s blog post is a spotlight on our 2021 Frozen Dessert Feature Flavors. These flavors are full of exciting colors, delicious textures and innovative ice cream technology from Balchem.
May 4, 2020Variegates 101
You know that gooey caramel we all love? That deliciously salty yet still sweet chocolate peanut butter swirl? Or those sea salt cookie fudge ribbons with crunchy cookie bits inside?
April 28, 2020Think Spring With Balchem 2021 Inclusions Feature Flavors
The indulgent delicacy of fresh baked cookies and cakes are enhanced with Balchem’s Spring 2021 Feature Flavors Inclusions launch.
December 23, 2019Next Level Performance
Active consumers want more than just protein. Nutrients for energy and overall health give baked goods
December 20, 2019Taste The Difference
Imagine your favorite ice cream without the swirl of caramel or fudge. Or a loaf of bread that goes moldy too fast on the shelf. And a meal replacement drink that leaves you hungry. Without the capabilities of Balchem Ingredient Solutions, many of the foods we all enjoy would be lacking delicious ingredient solutions that improve food experiences. Balchem Ingredient Solutions, headquartered in St. Louis, is committed to providing an excellent food experience from indulgent frozen desserts to goodfor- your health foods with its value-added ingredients.
December 2, 2019Incorporating Cultured Solutions From Ingredient Solutions Can Increase Your Speed To Market
The products that Balchem Ingredient Solutions can help with specifically are Dairy and Non-Dairy Yogurts.
November 25, 2019Falling For 2020 Inclusions Feature Flavors
Just as the time change signifies falling back into bed for an extra hour, we fell hard for our Feature Flavors launch.
March 9, 20192020 Spring Inclusions Feature Flavors Are Here
Spring has sprung! It’s time to find lighter, brighter flavors that bring the fun for sweet and savory snacks alike. Our 2020 Spring Feature Flavors Inclusions launch centers on trend projections for 2020 and beyond.
February 1, 2016Balchem Corporation Acquires Albion International, Inc.
New Hampton, New York, February 1, 2016. Balchem Corporation (NASDAQ:BCPC) today announced that it acquired Albion International, Inc., a privately held …