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February 19, 2024Balchem Beat
Check out the latest Balchem Human Nutrition and Health news, highlights, and updates! Please enjoy our monthly newsletter, the Balchem …
Image of the body of a woman sitting in a yoga pose with crossed legs
April 16, 2024Unlocking the Power of Essential Minerals for Immune Health 
Helping our immune system function optimally requires a multifaceted approach, with proper nutrition playing a central role. While numerous nutrients …
Image of a man and woman on mountain bikes
April 15, 2024Unlocking the Power of MSM for Bone & Joint Health 
Are you an active adult between the age of 45-75 and seeking ways to fortify your joint health and support …
Man Running
April 3, 2024Unveiling our Refreshed Brand Image Centered on Powering Performance and Maximizing Health Span
Montvale, New Jersey, (9 April, 2024) – We are pleased to announce, our Balchem Human Nutrition and Health (HNH) Team …
Image of a woman sleeping on a couch
March 26, 2024The Sleep Solution: How Magnesium Can Help You Achieve Restful Nights 
“Make sure to get enough sleep.” We all hear this line repeatedly in an effort to ensure we get our …
Image of woman sitting cross-legged on the beach
March 21, 2024Optimizing Cognitive Performance 
A Guide to Lifestyle and Nutrients for Brain Health and Cognitive Performance As an ambitious individual, you’re constantly juggling tasks …
Trendish Bakery Concepts image
March 4, 2024TrenDish™ Bakery Concepts
Bakery Tasting Concepts Transform any bakery item into a unique work of art and flavor! INhance™ Inclusions bring baked goods …
Image of powder forming two connected circles
February 27, 2024Balchem appoints Stauber Performance Ingredients as the Preferred Distributor for Albion® Minerals, OptiMSM®, VitaCholine® and VitaShure® in USA and Canada
Montvale, New Jersey (22 February, 2024) – Balchem, a global manufacturer of specialty ingredients for human nutrition and health (HNH), …
Image of Torgersen Hall with clouds behind
February 22, 2024Balchem Partners With Virginia Tech to Investigate Mineral Nutrition on Human Health
Montvale, New Jersey, (22 February, 2024) – Balchem, a global manufacturer of specialty ingredients for human nutrition and health (HNH), …
Ice Cream cones with TrenDish Logo
February 22, 20242024 Flavors: TrenDish™ Ice Cream and Variegate Flights
2024 TrenDish™ Ice Cream & Variegate Flights Our 2024 new flavors are here! Embark on a sensational journey with the …
Image of a female athlete doing pushups
February 8, 2024The Benefits of Creatine in Sports Nutrition and Other Key Nutrients to Consider 
Maximizing athletic performance extends beyond intense training – it involves nourishing your body with essential elements like nutrition, quality sleep, …
Man jogging next to water
February 1, 2024New Peer-Reviewed Research Highlights Promising Potential of Vitamin K2 MK-7 for Heart Health 
Montvale, New Jersey, (1 February, 2024) – Groundbreaking research in the dynamic cardiovascular health space continues to underscore the potential …
January 16, 2024TOP 2024 Evolving Trends in Health and Nutrition 
As we embark on the journey through 2024, the Human Nutrition & Health team at Balchem Corporation is excited to …
January 10, 2024How Choline Can Support Mood and Brain Health
At Balchem, we recognize the critical role of choline in enhancing brain health and mood stability. Certain nutrients can help …
Young woman in a white T-shirt blowing colorful bubbles
December 22, 2023The Most Important Nutrients for Mental Health
In a world where stress levels are on the rise — according to the American Psychological Association, 65% of adults …
Woman walking and holding a baby
December 12, 2023Expansion of VitaCholine® Production Capacity
Balchem announces expansion of VitaCholine® production capacity to satisfy growing global demand  Montvale, New Jersey, (12 December, 2023) – Balchem, …
Woman stretching in a blue shirt and leggings
December 5, 2023Clinical Study: OptiMSM®’s strong potential to relieve joint discomfort 
Montvale, New Jersey, (05 December, 2023) – Results of a new clinical study1 conducted in Japan revealed that OptiMSM®, an …
A beautiful woman smiling, getting ready to take a supplement with a glass of water
November 28, 2023Zinc: Do something Good for your Health and Beauty
In today’s fast-paced world, where stress and environmental factors continually challenge our well-being, it’s essential to nurture both our inner …
Young and older woman hugging
October 2, 2023Cultivating Lifelong Wellness: Embracing the Journey of Active Aging
It’s a fitting moment to reflect on the journey we’re all a part of – the journey towards cultivating lifelong …
Man playing chess
September 27, 2023New Product Concepts at SupplySide West
Montvale, New Jersey, (27 September, 2023) – Balchem, a global manufacturer of specialty ingredients for human nutrition and health (HNH), …
Pregnant woman belly
September 4, 2023Meta-Analysis prods Ferrochel® Clinical Trials that Compare Iron Supplements for Pregnant Women
New Hampton, New York, (4 September 2023) – Author: Sara Houghton, Senior Account Manager, Barrett Dixon Bell Meta-Analysis Confirms Ferrous …
A happy, healthy looking woman in a field surrounded by yellow wild flowers.
September 1, 2023Nurturing Holistic Wellness: The Harmony of Bone, Heart, Joint, and Mind
Cultivate holistic wellness with us and embrace the journey of longevity with the harmony of bone, heart, joint, and mind …
A woman jumping over a hurdle demonstrating sports performance exercise.
August 31, 2023Elevate exercise with VitaShure® and OptiMSM®
Are you looking to take your exercise and sports performance to the next level? Incorporating OptiMSM® and VitaShure® can help …
A woman drinking a green smoothie and smiling.
August 17, 2023Harnessing the Power of Plant-Based Powdered Blends 
In our quest for optimal health and vitality, incorporating nutrient-rich foods into our daily routine is essential. One innovative and …
Kids in superhero costumes
August 7, 2023Choline and Iron for Kids’ Health: The Superheroes of Nutrition
Attention to all superhero parents! When it comes to fueling your little ones’ superpowers it’s crucial to ensure they get …
Yoga Woman Wellness Nature
August 3, 2023Unveiling the Power of Key Nutrients
In our fast-paced lives, prioritizing our well-being is of the utmost importance. While there are various aspects to consider such …
Image of a thoughtful fat businessman with laptop at workplace in office
June 16, 2023Enhance Absorption for Men’s Mental Health
In recent years, there has been growing interest in the link between nutrition and mental health. While the impact of …
2022 Attitude and Usage Study: Consumer' Redefined Path to Wellness above a table with food and a person writing
June 15, 2023Attitude and Usage (A&U) Study:  Consumers’ Redefined Path to Wellness
We partnered with the FRC to conduct a large-scale Attitude and Usage Study (A&U) that consisted of 600 consumers across …
Happy Woman hugging
May 4, 2023Meet Skin’s BFF: OptiMSM® for Healthy Aging 
Skin Health’s Link to Longevity and Healthy Aging  It’s not just there for looks – skin serves a real biological function. …
Mental Health Awareness Symbol Tree Cognitive Nutrients
May 2, 2023Minerals and Nutrients Behind Cognitive Function and Mood Regulation
According to the CDC, taking care of yourself and your body by eating well and getting enough sleep are healthy …
A picture of the Balchem Human Nutrition and Health Solution Guide sitting on a wooden background.
April 24, 2023Solutions Guide 
Balchem® Solutions Guide We hope to turn your curiosity into interest and inspire you to think differently about Balchem. Within …
milk and cereal
March 21, 2023Creative Cereal Solutions
Healthy Ways to Start the Day  Starting your consumer’s day with essential nutrients has never been easier… or tasted better. …
Woman thinking Cognition Infographic cover image
February 14, 2023Today’s Consumers Seek Solutions for Cognition
Today’s Consumers Seek Solutions for Cognition Our team of experts conducted research on how consumers are seeking better solutions to …
healthy heart
February 1, 2023Essential Minerals that Support Heart Health
National Heart Month February is American Heart Month!1 American Heart Month is a time to focus on and bring awareness …
bottled dairy milk drinks
January 11, 2023Milk Solutions
Worldwide, over 6 billion people consume milk or milk products. Containing 13 essential nutrients, it’s no wonder milk products have …
Small child reading with mother
January 3, 2023Nutrient Deficiency Among Children
Nutrients Are Essential for Children New data shows that the prevalence of nutrient deficiencies among children is alarmingly high – and …
Creatine MagnaPower Product Sheet Cover Image
December 30, 2022New Year, New You! Creatine MagnaPower® Performance Benefits
Performance Benefits of Creatine MagnaPower® The New Year brings new commitments for a new you – and for many people, …
milk splashing
November 28, 2022Fortifying Dairy with Ferrochel ®
Ferrochel ® Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate Iron is an essential mineral and its primary role is to serve as a major …
disruptive consumer info sheet
June 21, 2022Disrupted Consumer
Disrupted Consumer Balchem’s strategic marketing teams can help your business turn consumer trends and insights into winning products that promote …
June 14, 2022Kappa Bioscience Acquisition
Balchem has announced the acquisition of market-leading vitamin K2 producer Kappa Bioscience.
VitaCholine enhances DHA Status during Pegnancy
May 18, 2022VitaCholine® Enhances Maternal DHA Status
A paper just published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) highlights the unique role choline plays in enhancing docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) status during pregnancy.
Iron in women
March 28, 2022Iron and Women of Childbearing Age
If you’re an adult woman in the United States, the chances of not meeting your needs for iron, or worse – being iron deficient – are actually fairly high.
Mom and GIrl Reading
January 10, 2022Groundbreaking Study Reinforces Need for Increased Choline Supplementation During Pregnancy
New research from Cornell University finds that doubling recommended prenatal choline significantly improved childhood brain performance. New Hampton, NY, (January …
Baby Group
May 2, 2021Nutrients during Pregnancy are Essential
May 2nd is National Baby Day and we’re celebrating, you guessed it, babies! The smallest and newest members of society require special diets. From conception through early childhood a baby’s brain develops rapidly, setting the foundation for our lifelong cognitive health and performance.
Graphic of a woman sleeping
March 17, 2021Examining the Research on the Sleep Health Benefits of Magnesium (Part 2)
Insomnia is a disturbance to proper sleep patterns and quality.  The effect of magnesium, vitamin B complex, and melatonin supplement …
Graphic of a woman sleeping
March 16, 2021Examining the Research on the Sleep Health Benefits of Magnesium (Part 1)
Did losing an hour’s sleep with Daylight Saving Time change leave you feeling a bit groggy? Curious how Magnesium from …
Vanilla Ice Cream Scoops with strawberry pieces, easy dessert at home, banner size
March 8, 2021Different Variegate Types
Water-Based Variegate Types Water-Based variegate types are stabilized sugar syrups with fruits, cocoa, flavorings, and/or colors added. The mainstream flavors …
two female sprinter athletes running on the treadmill race during training in the athletics stadium.
February 26, 2021Benefits of Creatine Supplementation
Most everyone has heard about the potential benefits of creatine supplementation for sport performance, as well as skeletal muscle enhancement …
woman taking colorful supplements to treat illness,
February 26, 2021What Makes A Real and Biologically Functional Nutritional Chelates
For over 50 years, Albion Minerals has been the leading global supplier of chelated minerals. Albion has been manufacturing amino …
calcium ingredients in piles
February 26, 2021Calcium Supplements – Not As Easy As Advertised
If you watch TV, you’ve likely seen a commercial for a particular brand of antacid that claims to not only …
A person reading a supplement bottle with ingredients
February 26, 2021Deciphering Supplement Labels
If labeling on supplement package labels has ever seemed confusing, you’re not alone. This newsletter aims to take some of …
woman with perfect skin looking in mirror
February 26, 2021Minerals and Your Skin
Your Skin – Your Largest Organ  As the outermost covering of your body, your skin is a vital protector from …
Food rich Zinc
February 26, 2021Zinc and Arginine
A compilation of research updates on the importance of Zinc The Immune System and Zinc Zinc plays a central role …
Zinc (Zn) Blocks & capsules
February 26, 2021Sports, Exercise, and Zinc
Sports, Exercise, and Zinc Research concerning the relationship between sports, exercise, and mineral nutrition has been in progress for a …
various pills on a white background
February 26, 2021How Safe Is Your Supplementation?
Minerals, Trace Minerals and Ultra Trace Minerals There are 106 elements listed in the Periodic Table of Elements. But what …
Cardiogram with heart
February 26, 2021Trace Minerals for Heart Health
There are a variety of cardiovascular disorders, and there are many causes. Nutrition, which includes minerals and trace minerals, plays …
Green and yellow supplement pill in hand of general practitioner, selective focus
February 26, 2021Calcium Supplementation: Still a Necessity – But is It Safe?
In the last few years, there have been a few published clinical studies that link calcium supplementation to health problems. …
Healthy diet food with magnesium
February 26, 2021All About Magnesium
This special form of magnesium is a chelate which binds magnesium with lysine, an essential amino acid that is a …
pills with iron FE element Dietary supplements. Vitamin capsules. 3d
February 26, 2021Iron Supplements: Challenges and Solutions
There are many reasons why iron is often considered a challenging supplement; chiefly, gastric side effects and undesirable taste. In …
friends playing basketball in court. Friends Concept.
February 26, 2021Minerals for Sports Performance and Exercise
There is no question that sports performance, intensive training, and endurance sports (marathon runners, triathletes, etc.) result in a more …
persons feet and measuring tape
February 26, 2021Minerals Involved with Weight Loss
It has been observed for some time that the incidence of people being overweight and the incidence of obesity are …
doctor looking at brain scans
February 26, 2021Supporting Brain Function with Minerals
Cognitive Function: An intellectual process by which one becomes aware of, perceives, or comprehends ideas. It involves all aspects of perception, …
a Fisetin Dietary Supplement
February 26, 2021Trace Minerals Fight Against Free Radicals
Radical Oxygen Species (ROS), or free radicals, are unstable toxic by-products of normal oxygen metabolism. Some of their main targets …
Albion Minerals logo
February 25, 2021The Role of Minerals in Supporting Thyroid Health
The Role of Minerals in Supporting Thyroid Health Hypothyroidism is one of the most common health issues encountered in the …
DETOX written in scrabble letters on a wood table with lemons
February 25, 2021Minerals for Detox
Spring Cleaning – Detoxification and Cleansing In the springtime it is common to find that people want to get their …
Heart Health
February 25, 2021Feel the Rhythm – Minerals for Heart Health
The cardiac muscle (or heart muscle) makes up the bulk of the heart’s mass. This muscle is an extremely specialized …
young pregnant woman doing yoga and meditating during workout at home, copy space
February 25, 2021Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby: Prenatal Nutrition
Key Nutrient Needs Pregnancy places increased nutritional needs on the body of the expectant mother, and her diet has a …
smiling onstetrician showing ultrasound scan of baby to pregnant woman visiting doctor
February 25, 2021Lifelong Benefits of Choline in Pre-Natal Nutrition
Choline Helps Provide Optimal Nutrition for a Happy, Healthy Baby Scientific evidence continues to build supporting the importance of choline …
hand with a pill and model brain
February 25, 2021Magnesium and Brain Health
Magnesium, Energy, and The Brain Magnesium plays significant roles within many of the body’s tissues and organs, including the brain. …
November 27, 2020Leftover Safety Tips
Leftovers are the 2nd best part of Thanksgiving…right behind the first time you enjoy the meal! Since this holiday guest list may be shorter than other years, we want to make sure your abundance of leftovers are enjoyed safely.
September 10, 2020I Dip, You Dip, We Dip! All About Kalva Cones
Our market leading brand, Kalva® Dip Coatings, allows for an exciting and extensive list of flavors and capabilities.
May 4, 2020Variegates 101
You know that gooey caramel we all love? That deliciously salty yet still sweet chocolate peanut butter swirl? Or those sea salt cookie fudge ribbons with crunchy cookie bits inside?
February 1, 2016Balchem Corporation Acquires Albion International, Inc.
New Hampton, New York, February 1, 2016. Balchem Corporation (NASDAQ:BCPC) today announced that it acquired Albion International, Inc., a privately held …
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