We consistently deliver products and solutions for the food, dietary supplement, and functional food industries.

Our products positively impact the lives of countless consumers daily – from coffee creamers, muffins, and cereals to dietary supplements and minerals that help promote health, wellness, and longevity. We help lead food and supplement manufacturers by delivering innovative products that resonate with consumers, inspire them in the mornings, and help provide the focus and vitality needed to get through the day.

Engage with us to discover how our resources can enable your differentiation in the market. We look forward to supporting your business in creating better solutions for the consumer that improves all aspects of life.

Dietary Supplements & Food Fortification Products

We have three leading brands in Minerals and Nutrients for the nutritional ingredients space. Balchem’s Albion® Minerals brand innovates mineral nutrition to enhance mineral utility and bioavailability. The VitaCholine® brand is the premier source of choline, offering relevant and compelling health benefits. Our VitaShure® line of microencapsulated ingredients delivers maximized nutrient potency, extends shelf life, and improves taste.

We are proud to announce, we’ve recently expanded our product list (and team) adding two (2) new products within our portfolio, K2VITAL® and OptiMSM®!

Food & Beverage Products

When food and beverage brands want to balance sensory attributes with nutritional benefits, they need proven products and customized formulation expertise. Balchem specializes in creating unique sensory experiences that deliver through ready-made solutions and capabilities that fit your next food and beverage innovation. Food scientists and developers depend on us to supply quality products that offer food and beverage applications to the consumer.

Balchem develops products that enhance the taste and performance of popular beverages such as coffee, hot cocoa, lattes, teas, juices, smoothies, flavored milk, and more.  We’re always launching new and innovative beverage products along with seasonal LTOs (limited-time offerings). 

Encapsulated Ingredients & Enabling Technologies

Balchem specializes in the development and delivery of encapsulated solutions to serve various markets to extend shelf life, optimize texture, maintain consistent flavor, improve production efficiency, reduce sodium, reduce food waste, and enable clean labels. We provide a unique blend of technical expertise and problem-solving support, enabling you to achieve your goals.

Flavor, Color & Texture

We provide customized ingredient systems that help you bring innovative products to market faster. Our systems provide ease of use for you, so your customers get a consistent product every time it goes out the door.

Functional & Nutritional Powders Products

Our spray-dried powders provide improved functionality to various finished food systems. Non-dairy or dairy-based powders provide creaminess, flavor, foaming, improved texture and mouthfeel, structure, and stability, and deliver nutritional properties. A wide range of formulas is available with various fat levels and functionalities to meet different application requirements. Some of our products that serve multiple applications are listed in the following chart.

Extruded and Texturized Protein

At Balchem, we see a renewed awareness of nutrition and its impact holistically. Our solutions help you create on-trend food, beverages, and dietary supplements that meet consumer needs for a new way of looking at living and living well.

Create something wonderful with our portfolio of convenient and innovative solutions for a variety of applications.

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Solutions Guide

Balchem can help you deliver food, beverages and dietary supplements solutions that meet consumer needs as they look for new ways to live healthier lives. Check out our Solutions Guide!

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