Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

One of the fastest growing markets, the pharmaceutical market utilizes specialty gases as part of the manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates. These intermediates are important components in the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). They are formed at the time of process of production or synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients. These intermediates undergo molecular changes in further processing before becoming a finished pharmaceutical ingredient.

What is a Pharmaceutical Intermediate?

Pharmaceutical intermediates are the drugs used as raw materials to produce bulk drugs. Drug intermediates are hygienically formulated using high-grade raw materials and they are used in the pharmaceutical and a few other industries such as the cosmetic industry.

How We Service The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Market

Balchem Performance Gases provides a variety of gases to the pharmaceutical market including Amines, Anhydrous HCl, and Propylene. Methylamine (MMA-DMA-TMA) is an organic compound, colorless gas and a derivative of Ammonia. It is the simplest primary Amine and is used as a building block for the synthesis of many other commercially available compounds. HCl is a colorless or slightly yellow gas and is commonly used in pharmaceutical labs. Balchem sources these products globally to distribute it to its customers worldwide in cylinders and drums.

Key Products for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Market