Extrusion Technology

Balchem’s extrusion technology creates crisp texture and mouthfeel in cereal and snacks. We offer quality tailored Twin Screw Extrusion Technology to deliver unique extruded shapes and sizes along with multiple flavor capabilities for cereal and snacks. We can create plant or dairy-based protein formulations fortified with nutrients and minerals – Crisps, Twigs, Zippers, O’s, X’s, chips, scoops. 

Extrusion Features & Benefits

Balchem extruded products are used to contribute protein and texture to ready-to-eat snack goods. Crisps, chips and O’s help with visual appeal and improve the nutritional profile of your finished snacks.

Balchem extruded products are used to improve snack goods in a variety of segments including high protein, savory or sweet.

Markets That Commonly Utilize Our Extrusion Technology

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