We use the words patents, proprietary, technology and expertise every day, as if they are commonplace. However, anyone who knows true expertise, recognizes that it’s not all that common. We have created technologies that have built and changed nutrition and health applications across industries.

This is the bar we hold ourselves to in innovation and continue to strive for as we bring new capabilities to market

Put Our Expertise to Work for Your Next Product

We created the first, true chelates with Albion Minerals and we are leaders in choline with our VitaCholine products, validated by human nutrition studies. Our proprietary encapsulation technology has improved the baking industry’s throughput and reduced waste by creating the ability to preserve fresh baked goods to optimize their performance and prevent spoilage. Our spray drying and capabilities in agglomerating high-fat lipid nutritional systems create great-tasting beverages with luxurious mouthfeel, reduced water activity, and extended shelf life. Creating specifically designed viscosities and flavor profiles for frozen desserts and yogurts is no simple feat, either.  

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