Extruded Products

Balchem offers Twin Screw Extrusion Technology to produce a variety of extruded dairy or plant-based protein products to meet your product development specifications.  Regardless of whether you are formulating to plant-based eating or low carbohydrate, high protein diets we supply extruded products that deliver protein in a crispy, delicious format.


Balchem extruded products are used to contribute protein and texture to ready-to-eat snack goods. Crisps, chips, and O’s help with the visual appeal, mouthfeel, and nutritional profile of your finished snacks and cereals.

Create crispy, crunchy protein-dense snacks with our extruded products.

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Protein Z-Crisps® and Z-Texx™

Available in a variety of dairy and plant-based protein sources, content and sizes.

snack bowls

O’s, Zippers, Wavy Chips

Pick the shape that works the best for your product development and market.

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Leverage Balchem’s expertise in spray drying and agglomeration technologies to create functional nutritional powders for today’s active consumer lifestyle.

Z-Crisps® and Z-Texx™

Small, yet mighty!

These small, yet mighty crisps can give some added crunch and protein to your products.

Z-Crisps® and Z-Texx™ from Balchem are made with a variety of plant- and dairy-based proteins. Crisps with small dimensions can be used as is or to boost protein and texture. Our larger snack forms can be used as ready-to-flavor, protein-centric products.

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Z-Crisps® Protein Trio Kit

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Request to receive a free Z-Crisps® Protein Trio kit shipped directly to you. Experience the neutral taste and imagine how they may be used in your applications or complement your targeted flavor profile.

Z-Crisps Trio Sample Box for Extruded Protein Crisps.

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