AminoShure-XM Precision Release Methionine delivers the next generation in precision amino acid balancing technology. Through the proprietary X-Technology, AminoShure-XM delivers the methionine payload safely through the rumen and releases it gradually in the small intestine to more efficiently and cost effectively meet the cows’ methionine needs.

Key Advantages of AminoShure-XM

The X-Technology

The ultimate measure of an effective encapsulated methionine is the cost at which it can deliver a unit of bioavailable nutrient to the cow. This is a function of product cost, feed stability, rumen protection and intestinal digestibility. The X-Technology carefully balances these key, though somewhat antagonistic, characteristics to deliver the best value to our customers.


The new X-Technology has improved the nutrient bioavailability, which lowers the encapsulation cost per unit of metabolizable methionine.

Feed Stability

The new X-Technology employs a true lipid-based system that is more durable than polymer and ethylcellulose coatings.

Rumen Stability

The X-Technology is masterfully designed to resist ruminal degradation, maximizing the nutrient payload delivered to the small intestine.

Intestinal Release

The X-Technology gradually meters the methionine into the small intestine where it is absorbed and utilized by the cow to maximize productivity.

Customer Resources

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Research Summaries

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