Animal Nutrition and Health Products

We offer a wide range of products, targeted to different animal species, and designed to meet unique dietary and nutritional needs. Utilizing Balchem’s proprietary technologies, we are able to deliver the highest-quality products that help improve productivity and performance at all levels.

AminoShure-L delivers the essential amino acid, lysine, in a rumen-protected form. This product contains a revolutionary, lipid coating that is engineered to release its lysine payload gradually in the small intestine.
AminoShure-XM Precision Release Methionine delivers the next generation in precision amino acid balancing technology. Through the proprietary X-Technology, AminoShure-XM delivers the methionine payload safely through the rumen and releases it gradually in the small intestine to more efficiently and cost effectively meet the cows’ methionine needs.
Custom Encapsulation Solutions
Encapsulation is an important method for protecting nutrients from degradation and from other environmental factors. Leveraging decades of encapsulation experience, Balchem now offers custom encapsulation solutions based on your needs and production parameters. Our R&D department will support you via official lab methodologies and a pilot plant for prototype testing through final development.
Nutritionists often formulate diets with trace mineral levels in excess of the levels recommended by the National Research Council (NRC) to compensate for potential antagonists in feeds that can render trace minerals ineffective. However, feeding higher trace mineral levels can itself negatively affect utilization. Higher trace mineral cost and increasing concern over trace mineral excretion into the environment make this strategy even less attractive. Feeding KeyShure® and SoluKey™ can help overcome the effects of antagonists, thus supporting optimum performance and decreasing mineral excretion into the environment.
KeyShure Plus
KeyShure Plus is a Metal Amino Acid Chelate (AAFCO) No. 57.142. The unique attribute of a Metal Amino Acid Chelate is that the molecular weight is less than 800 daltons with a mole ratio of 1 mole of metal to 2 moles of amino acid to form coordinate covalent bonds.
NiaShure is rumen-protected niacin that helps lower internal body temperature; protecting milk production and reproductive performance during the hot summer months. Standard heat abatement techniques are important, but now you can help lower their internal body temperature, protecting milk production and reproductive performance during those hot summer months.
NitroShure™ Precision Release Nitrogen uses Balchem’s proprietary encapsulation technology to provide a more consistent nitrogen supply to rumen microbes, allowing for greater flexibility in feeding programs. It’s a valuable tool for helping producers and nutritionists to reduce ration costs while increasing the amount of high quality protein available to the cow.
PetShure® Choline
Quality you can trust – Balchem sets the highest industry standards for choline production. By sourcing the best raw ingredients, manufacturing them in world-class facilities, maintaining complete supply chain control and holding ourselves to the strictest manufacturing standards, you can have complete confidence that the product you purchase is of premium quality. Regular audits and our open-door policy for clients offer complete transparency to address your needs.
PetShure® pH Control Systems
Reduce pH, enhance texture and color profiles and increase production efficiency with PetShure pH Control Systems. Leveraging Balchem’s expertise in ingredient encapsulation, these controlled release acidulants reliably restrict acidic reactions. This allows products to retain color, texture and flavor while extending shelf-life and improving process throughput.
PetShure® Porosity & Texture Management
Reliably increase the volume and porosity in finished products without increasing the weight with PetShure Porosity & Texture Management. Leveraging Balchem’s expertise in ingredient encapsulation, these controlled release leavening agents provide greater process flexibility pre-baking, and new options for creating novel products with different textures, density, caloric content and consumer appeal.
PetShure® Sensory Systems
Pet owners long for special treats and seasonal indulgences to pamper their pets. New Sensory Systems from Balchem can provide that visual pop and pleasing aroma you need without impacting production processes.
PetShure® Structuring And Forming Technologies
Transform small protein components of both animal and plant origin into solid forms that resemble high-value, whole muscle meat with PetShure Structuring & Forming Technologies. Leveraging Balchem’s expertise in ingredient encapsulation, PetShure Structuring & Forming Technologies offer greater process flexibility and control.
PetShure® OptiMSM
Demand for premium ingredients in the animal health market supports a branded ingredient strategy. Now more than ever, consumers are prioritizing the safety and origin of the products they provide their animal companions. By using OptiMSM, a human-grade MSM, pet owners are providing their pets the safest and highest quality MSM available!
PetShure® PurforMSM
A demanding market for premium quality ingredients in the animal nutrition market supports a branded ingredient strategy. Now more than ever consumers are questioning the safety of the products they provide their horses. By using PurforMSM, horse owners can be assured they are using the highest quality MSM available!
PuraChol™ from Balchem is the leading line of choline chloride products available in the industry. PuraChol delivers the highest standards of quality backed by the strictest process controls for a level of purity, safety, and consistency you can’t find anywhere else.
ReaShure Precision Release Choline is an essential nutrient for the health and well-being of animals and humans. This encapsulated choline is protected from rumen degradation through a proprietary process and delivered to the small intestine where it is absorbed. Choline is an essential nutrient for the health and well-being of animals and humans.
VitaShure®-C Precision Release Vitamin C is a feed and rumen stable form of ascorbic acid. The benefit over straight ascorbic acid is that VitaShure-C will maintain optimum nutrient potency during pelleting, processing and storage. This ensures feed will meet guaranteed shelf life requirements, supporting optimal nutrition and health benefits.
The Fibrase line consists of rumen fermentation products. Combining two selected fungal microorganisms complements the ruminal microbial population. This optimized rumen microbiome can produce increased feed conversion rate, improved feed efficiency and maximized productivity. Fibrase Farm is a less concentrated formulation with the addition of high-value biological yeasts for on-farm supplementation.
ProAcids are a mixture of spray-chilled organic acids able to stabilize intestinal pH. Using Balchem’s proprietary encapsulation process ensures a consistent release of the active ingredient all along the gastrointestinal tract.
Tannin™ 50
Tannin 50 is a spray-chilled, tannin-rich product derived from chestnut wood, encapsulated for a consistent release of the active ingredient all along the gastro-intestinal tract and avoiding the anti-nutritional effects of non-protected tannin products. Due to their natural, intrinsic astringency properties, tannins are beneficial in improving manure consistency and overall barn environment.