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Chocolate Dairy Powders

Milk Chocolate Dairy Powders for every chocolate milk application sourced from high-quality cocoa.

Balchem offers Chocolate Dairy Powders for every chocolate milk application. We source high-quality cocoa for our powders from various origins. A stand-out cocoa sourcing location has been Belgium. We have sourced Belgian cocoa that provides a unique and exciting flavor profile. We are also skilled at developing new concepts in dairy and plant-based beverages that are ready for the dairy case.

Our technologies allow us to match regional taste preferences, innovate new top notes, and bring in different types of coffee too for delicious drinkable mochas. This allows for maximum consumer satisfaction and flavor success.

Chocolate Milkshakes

Our Chocolate Dairy Powders

  • High quality cocoa from various origins.
  • Skilled at developing new concepts and customization.
  • Able to match flavor and color characteristics to regional taste preferences.
  • Formulations available from 110 – 150 calories/ 8oz serving.
  • Focused on quality and functionality at every step from bench prototypes through customer production.

Customization Opportunities

Balchem’s Chocolate Dairy Powder Features:

  • Low-Calorie: Our Chocolate Dairy Powders are formulated to be low in calories, making them suitable for those seeking a guilt-free indulgence.
  • Low Sugar: Our carefully crafted our blends can be low in sugar content, ensuring that your products strike the right balance between
  • No Sugar Added: In our pursuit of crafting chocolate dairy powders that cater to a wide range of dietary needs, we proudly offer a “No Sugar Added” option.

Balchem is your go-to source for premium Chocolate Dairy Powders that can elevate your chocolate milk applications to new heights. Our ability to match flavor and color characteristics to regional taste preferences, introduce innovative top notes, and even incorporate different types of coffee opens up a world of possibilities for creating delicious and enticing drinkable mochas. Contact us today and try our Chocolate Dairy Powders!

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