Industrial Manufacturing

Chemical gases are used in numerous industrial applications. 

Heat treatment is a combination of operations, the heating and the cooling of a metal or alloy in the solid state to attain certain desired properties (e.g: toughness, hardness, corrosion, resistance, change of electrical properties). Heat treatments are applied in multiple sectors such as automotive, (plastic) components, and metallurgy.   

Waste treatment is used when treated water must be retained before consumption or when it must travel long distances from the treatment plant to the user. Gases (ammonia) are used in conjunction with chlorine resulting in an alternative system for the effective protection of drinkable water.

Latex production is an important chemical in the gases consumer market. Ammonia is applied to more than 50% of latex products.

How We Service The Industrial Manufacturing Industry

Balchem Performance Gases provides a variety of gases to the industrial market including Anhydrous Ammonia, Propylene Oxide, and Amines.

Propylene Oxide is used as raw material for the modification of starch, a complex carbohydrate found in corn, potato, wheat and peas. The process consists of extracting the starch from the plants to ensure transformation, to promote them as ingredients intended for the markets of human food and animal nutrition as well as many industries in non-food markets. The petroleum industry utilizes Anhydrous Ammonia in neutralizing the acid constituents of crude oil and in protecting equipment such as bubble plate towers, heat exchangers, condensers, and storage tanks from corrosion.

Key Products for the Industrial Manufacturing Market