Temporary Storage Drums for European Union

Balchem’s temporary storage service offered from the Grimbergen site provides the rental of cleaned and ready to be filled packaging for the temporary storage of liquified gases. These drums then come back  to our facility where a cleaning procedure is applied to the drums before they can be reinjected to other projects for temporary storage. 

Temporary Storage

Temporary storage is one of several services offered by Balchem NV in Grimbergen. This service consists of providing drums (type D900l) so that our companies can use them during temporary storage operations for chemical gases (liquified gases coming from our product range in Grimbergen). The product being used the most is ammonia. In fact, during the maintenance of cooling installation,  ammonia must be completely removed from the system so that the maintenance operations can be carried out in a safe manner. This is when Balchem intervenes by providing temporary storage drums.