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Balchem Human Nutrition & Health products positively impact the lives of countless consumers daily – from coffee creamers, muffins and cereals that inspire the morning, to nutritional supplements that help provide the focus and vitality you need to get through the day, we help leading food and supplement manufacturers innovate products that resonate with consumers.

Consumers around the world have a renewed awareness of nutrition and its impact on overall health and self-care. They view good health holistically and it includes healthy relationships, behaviors, habits and practices that support the body, the mind and the soul.

Balchem can help you deliver food, beverages and dietary supplements solutions that meet consumer needs as they look for new ways to live healthier lives.

Balchem provides solutions that delight and nourish – from indulgence and sensory experiences, to the rigors of targeted essential nutrition. Engage with us to discover how our resources can enable your differentiation in the market.

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CRN Links Course at the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club
September 21, 2022

CRN: Science in Session & Now, New, Next

Join the conversation and interact with our expert speakers and real consumers as we address the concept of longevity.
Meat sticks snacks Meatshure
September 20, 2022

Meat Snacks

MeatShure® Encapsulated Acids Offer Solutions For Meat Snacks! September 23 is National Snack Stick Day! Created in 2016, Snack Stick …
garlic on cutting board
September 14, 2022

Garlic Baking Challenges

INhance™ Inclusions offer solutions for Garlic Baking Challenges! Over the years, our Product Development and Application scientists created a variety …

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