PetShure® Structuring And Forming Technologies

Transform small protein components of both animal and plant origin into solid forms that resemble high-value, whole muscle meat with PetShure Structuring & Forming Technologies. Leveraging Balchem’s expertise in ingredient encapsulation, PetShure Structuring & Forming Technologies offer greater process flexibility and control.

The system consists of two parts, sodium alginate and calcium lactate. Alginate produces a thermo-irreversible gel in the presence of calcium which forms and binds small protein components into a singular shape. Microencapsulated calcium lactate offers a consistent and controlled bond with sodium alginate for reliable processing.

Key Advantages of Structure & Forming

With PetShure™ Structuring & Forming Technologies, you can transform protein components into high-quality, high-value solid meat products that handle and process just like whole muscle meat.

  • Transforms trim meat into high-value, nutritious solid meat products
  • Performs like whole muscle cuts during processing and cooking
  • Controls timing and processing rate for greater production flexibility
  • Can be used with animal and vegetable-based proteins

Customer Resources

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