Waste Treatment & Recovery Services for European Union

Handling waste gases and chemicals is a job for companies being authorized and having the know-how. Balchem can inventory, package and transport your hazardous waste in accordance with the appropriate guidelines and regulations. Balchem is authorized and certified in the European Union to store this hazardous waste, bulk it up, recycle and dispose of it.

Waste Treatment & Recovery Services for European Union

Balchem Performance Gases is licensed for gases waste treatment. Specifically, we are a registered waste collector and recycler in the different Belgian regions including:

  • Flemish Region (OVAM) registration number- “664”
  • Wallonia Region (DGRNE) registration number- “OWD/CHEMOGAVG1/13/5033/C/DD”
  • Brussels Region (BIM) registration number- “DD/321”
  • We are also a member of the Belgian associations “Essenscia” and “Go4circle”

Our Service Offerings

Balchem Performance Gases offers the following waste treatment and recovery services in the European Union:

  • Take in and accept orders for all types of gases, solution “from A-Z” (except bio, nuclear or warfare waste) – in cylinders and drums
  • Offer on-site inspections and inventories of (waste)-installations, followed by technical advice reporting
  • Help with international cross-border-administration as support to our valued customers
  • Operates mobile waste container services, i.e. picking up waste on-site for our customers

We also perform our own waste treatment at the site in Grimbergen, Belgium such as:

  • Thermal incineration / thermal oxidation installation
  • Wet acid – single and multi – stages scrubbing facilities
  • Controlled release facilities
  • Repackaging