Agglomeration Technology

One of the biggest challenges in the food industry is creating a powder that dissolves quickly and evenly in liquids. We’ve all experienced powdered drink mixes or meal replacement shakes that clump up and swirl around for what seems like forever, and never really dissolve. When you’re creating food and beverage products, you need a powder that goes into a solution instantly.

Balchem’s agglomeration technology enhances solubility to create high-performance powders that drastically improve the quality of protein or lipid beverage bases by increasing particle size and porosity.

What is Agglomeration?

Fluid Bed Batch Agglomeration connects multiple particles together with space to allow water to flow between particles. Agglomeration creates increased particle size and porosity to spray-dried powders resulting in improved dispersion and dissolution with reduced compaction. Diverse fluid binding mixtures allow for function and
co-processing solutions, while closely defined particles solve unique application requirements.

In other words, the process of agglomeration improves powders by increasing particle sizes which results in a powder product that is much more soluble. This drastically improves the quality of beverage bases, whether creating protein powders or lipid nutritional systems.

Balchem facility

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our ability to create such high performing agglomeration systems is all due to our manufacturing capabilities which include:

  • State-of-the-art agglomeration technology with blending, milling, and particle sizing
  • Segregated packaging space including bags and bulk totes
  • Multiple complementary processing steps allow for delicate particle size control
  • Overs and Raw Material Mills
  • Environmental controls
  • Segregated blending & packaging
Balchem production facility

Agglomeration Features & Benefits

We have a deep understanding of particle science and technology and can act as a collaborative extension of your research and development team. Our experts in the field of agglomeration technology and particle analysis develop customized processes and products to fit our customers’ needs. Our laboratories are equipped for detailed particle and performance analysis, including particle size, porosity, surface area, charge, composition, emulsion stability, dispersion and dissolution.

Markets That Commonly Utilize Our Agglomeration Technology

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