Agglomeration Systems

Create finished powders that dissolve into solution faster, without lumps. We utilize continuous and batch Agglomeration Technology, to make ingredients or finished food products less dense, more free-flowing, and dispersible in liquids. Batch agglomeration creates a uniform particle size and distribution which reduces dustiness and improves mouthfeel.

Product Offerings

We offer a wide range of options to choose from including fully formulated systems, co-manufactured systems, and single instantized ingredients which deliver the following:

  • Improved dispersion and dissolution
  • Increased filling efficiencies
  • Reduced dusting and controlled flow

Other Key Advantages

Other key advantages that our solution offers include:

  • Product Customization
  • Flavor enhancement
  • Beverage Application Expertise
  • Improved Functionality
  • Nutritional Enhancement
  • Particle Control & Instantization
  • Clean Label

Products That Utilize Our Agglomeration Systems


Fully formulated powder systems with agglomeration for improved dispersion.


Increases viscosity in beverages and sauces.

Vital Blend™

Protein-rich creaming agents for nutritional beverages and bars.

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