Disrupted Consumer

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Posted: June 21, 2022

Disrupted Consumer

Balchem’s strategic marketing teams can help your business turn consumer trends and insights into winning products that promote health & well-being for the DISRUPTED CONSUMER. Balchem offers solutions that help create on-trend food, beverage, and dietary supplements to meet the needs of consumers who are looking at health in a new way.


Human Nutrition and Health Trends are always in flux, but the COVID-19 global health crisis created changes in consumer behavior that are here to stay. There was a disruption across all categories of consumers and mindsets, around the world. People have emerged from this period of recalibration, reflection, and resilience with a changed mindset on how they think about health – they are known as the DISRUPTED CONSUMER.

Having recognized their vulnerability like never before, the DISRUPTED CONSUMER has created a new path to health. Consumers are now prioritizing meaningful and purposeful living. People are recognizing the impact of mental and emotional health, as a result making deliberate wellness choices. To live life well, consumers are looking for everyday solutions for managing stress, mood, immunity, weight, sleep, and cognition.

During the pandemic (2021), 75% of adults said this new outlook will influence their behavior in the long term. Brands need to address these new priorities…as they shape consumer choices in the future.

Our team of experts has conducted custom consumer research on the consumers’ changing attitudes toward wellness. Click the link below to see the results.

How can we help?

Here at Balchem, we make ingredients to nourish all of life’s stages and ages. We know that consumers are now looking for purposeful nutrition when making food and beverage decisions. Studies have shown that consumers are looking for preventative care and maintenance, through health-benefit-driven dietary supplements. We can work together to create solutions that accommodate these new trends through alternative formats, unique flavors, and interesting sensory encounters.

Contact us today to find out where the DISRUPTED CONSUMER is headed, and how we can help your business stay relevant with the trends!

Together, we can create ways to serve new wellness needs. Balchem provides a range of functional, macro, and micronutrient food and supplement ingredients that address the consumer’s journey to find solutions for living life…well.

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TrenDish by Balchem

TrenDishTM is Balchem’s proprietary process for delivering innovation – turning consumer trends and insights into products that delight consumers and promote health and well-being.

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Balchem® Solutions Guide

Our cross-functional marketing team has expertise in business-to-business and consumer marketing strategies, consumer research, insights and marketing communications. Check out our Solutions Guide to get a general understanding of who we are and what we value!

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