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Spray Dried Lipid Systems

A pioneer and innovator in creating delicious beverages from spray drying technology, we are the market leader in specialty spray dried lipid systems. Our manufacturing capabilities now offer greater flexibility in instantization for our customers. This equips you with greater operational effectiveness while providing products that meet consumer’s needs of rapid hydration, increased solubility and wettability.

This is made possible through spray drying and agglomeration technologies. This new advancement equips you to choose from a wide range of powders that provides the necessary flavor, mouthfeel, functional and nutritional requirements in the finished product application.

Product Innovations

Products That Utilize Our Spray Dried Lipid Systems


Creaming agents to improve taste, texture, and mouthfeel of hot chocolates, cappuccinos, chai teas, smoothies, nutritional beverages, meal replacement products, prepared meals, side dishes, soups, sauces, and more.

Quali Cream™

Creaming agent sourced from cream and butter used for confections, gravies, sauces, nutrition bars and shakes, dips, dressings, and dessert mixes.

QuIC Whip™

Used to develop firm whipped toppings and heavy filling for pies, mousses, and cheesecake.

QulC Creamer™

Creamers and powdered shortenings used for beverage and dessert mixes, nutrition bars, soups, gravies, seasonings, and fillings.


Premium creamer for hot chocolates, cappuccinos, chai mixes, smoothies, nutritional beverages, and more.


Powdered soy, canola, and coconut fats used to enhance creaminess, opacity, and adhesive properties in buttermilk pancake and waffle mixes, white cake mix, cheese sauce mix, cheese-flavored soups, chocolate pudding mix, and biscuit mix.

Multi-Serve Systems Applications

Canisters and bag/bag-in-box for food service dispensers.

Bulk Ingredient Applications

Lipids, proteins, hydrocolloids, starches and carbohydrates.

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