We manufacture and provide specialty ingredients to a wide range of markets including bakery, beverage, cereals, confectionery, dairy, dietary supplements, meats, savory, and snacks. We’re able to do this by leveraging decades of expertise in market insights, proven science, and product development to create winning solutions in health, well-being, and nutrition.



We serve the bakery market by providing specialty ingredients including microencapsulated products, extruded products, inclusions, powders, and shelf-stable bakery fillings.

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We serve the beverage market by manufacturing and supplying customized spray dried and blended lipid-based powders for drinkable nutrition and creamers. We also supply flavor bases and chocolate dairy powders.

Bowls of cereal


We serve the cereals market by creating delicious cereals, snacks, and toddler puffs.

Sour Gummy Worms


We serve the confectionery market by producing a line of encapsulated ingredients called ConfecShure®.  This product solves common issues such as flavor loss, sugar inversion, hygroscopicity, discoloration, moisture absorption, etc.

Stracciatella ice cream products


We serve the dairy market by manufacturing performance ingredients including textured variegates, liquid chips, flavor systems, chocolate dairy powders, plant-based applications, and no heat coatings.

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Dietary Supplements

We serve the dietary supplement market with our pioneering nutrient brands, Albion® chelated minerals, VitaCholine® choline, and VitaShure® encapsulated nutrients. We offer a broad range of solutions with scientifically backed health benefits and quality assurance.

meat snacks


We serve the meat market by producing a line of encapsulated ingredients called MeatShure® that primarily includes acidulants and salts. This product line offers a dramatic edge in production efficiencies and product quality.

Serving Cups with Sauces


We serve the savory market by offering a variety of creaming agents, encapsulated salts, and powdered fats used in a variety of savory foods ranging from flavorful seasonings to rich soups.

Bowls of chips and puffs


We serve the snack market by providing a wide selection of extruded products to meet your snack formulation specifications and flavor needs ranging from ready-to-eat cereal to toddler snacks.

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