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Glimmer™ Variegates

Glitter Shimmery Colorful FUN

From Balchem®, Glimmer variegates are the shiniest, shimmery way to include fun in your frozen treats. Glimmer variegates are available in various colors. Our R&D team thrives on delivering the exact right experience and developed this concept to meet the needs of the market. Today’s customer wants FUN treats to give to their children and bring added joy into their everyday lives. Create some whimsy with Balchem’s Glimmer variegates!

Features and Benefits of Glimmer Variegates

Our Glimmer variegates bring fun and whimsy to ice cream. They deliver a truly sensory experience and this advancement creates a glimmery dimension your customers will love. Rich flavor combined with unmatched visual appeal results in a product that will leave everyone craving seconds. These Glimmer variegates deliver:


  • Flavor
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Taste
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