I Dip, You Dip, We Dip! All About Kalva Cones

Posted: September 10, 2020

You know our expertise in creating delicious frozen desserts and ice cream, but did you know we are ice cream cone coating experts too? Our market leading brand, Kalva® Dip Coatings, allows for an exciting and extensive list of flavors and capabilities. We can create any flavor and any color you can dream of! This allows for maximum customization for your coating needs. We specialize in enrobing and our expertise really shines when fully enrobing a frozen treat in a flavored coating. This enrobing is demonstrated in small one-bite novelties, mini ice cream cake bites, dipped treats and more! We also can create sweet sauces for sundae related applications with Kalva®

Adding color, flavor and texture is easier when you use Kalva coatings and dips and we can tailor to your specific needs. Customization is important when it comes to not only flavor but also melt and set points. These factors can be adjusted based on your specific needs. We can package this in a variety of ways which enhances the usability of Kalva®. Also, we have low minimum runs. This enables smaller orders to enjoy our premier dip coatings as well. Being the perfect match for your dip coating is our specialty, no matter what those needs are.

Our Kalva® Dip Coatings provide a wide range of benefits aside from the extensive list of customization options. Mouthfeel is important to us when creating a dip coating. So, we reduce our particle size to create the preferred mouthfeel. This size reduction creates a natural, smooth texture for the consumer. These benefits along with our years of experience are the reason why Kalva® is the right choice for your next sweet treat.

The sky is the limit so let’s innovate together. Contact us to get started creating your own Dip Coatings!

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