Particle Engineering

Balchem is a leader in particle engineering technologies. Particle engineering is the science of modifying particles into a defined shape, size distribution, and/or composition. Particle engineering technologies, including agglomeration, spray drying, encapsulation, and extrusion are often used to enhance the performance of ingredients and/or formulas that have issues such as poor solubility, negative ingredient interactions or undesirable taste profiles.


Balchem is a pioneer in agglomeration technologies with a variety of proprietary processes, including both continuous and batch operations, that deliver customized solutions and enhance solubility to create a high-performance powder for our customers.

Agglomeration binds particles together and increases overall surface area. This has the effect of facilitating hydration and dissolution that improves the quality of protein or lipid beverage bases and helps them dissolve faster.​

Spray Drying

Balchem is a leader in spray drying technologies with a variety of proprietary processes. Our flexible spray drying manufacturing footprint creates customized formulated powders designed to dissolve quickly and prevent clumping in drink mixes.​ 

We focus on having a broad understanding of fats and oils as applied to emulsion stability and spray dried lipid systems and produce powders with traditional ingredient statements or powders having short clean labels.


Balchem’s proprietary process delivers high-quality microencapsulated ingredients with superior stability using both water-insoluble coatings. 

Balchem’s microencapsulated ingredients for the food industry are mainly used in Bakery, Confectionery, and Meat applications to extend shelf life, control food ingredient interaction within its environment, and mask unwanted taste and flavor.


Balchem offers quality custom Twin Screw Extrusion Technology to produce a variety of extruded products to meet your cereal and snack specifications. 

Balchem’s extrusion technology creates crisp texture and mouthfeel and​ delivers unique extruded shapes and sizes as well as multiple flavor options. ​Balchem can also create a custom-tailored plant or dairy-based protein formulations fortified with nutrients and minerals.