Nutritionists often formulate diets with trace mineral levels in excess of the levels recommended by the National Research Council (NRC) to compensate for potential antagonists in feeds that can render trace minerals ineffective. However, feeding higher trace mineral levels can itself negatively affect utilization. Higher trace mineral cost and increasing concern over trace mineral excretion into the environment make this strategy even less attractive. Feeding KeyShure® can help overcome the effects of antagonists, thus supporting optimum performance and decreasing mineral excretion into the environment.

Key Advantages of KeyShure

Precision Release Minerals are very high-quality trace minerals designed to deliver the highest level of bioavailable trace mineral at the lowest cost per unit of nutrient delivered to the animal. The key advantages of our Keyshure are:

High Bioavailability

Chelation maximizes bioavailability, establishing a protective chemical bond between a mineral and an appropriate organic compound. It is here, at the molecular level, that Balchem’s technology makes the difference.

Excellent Quality

Balchem uses scientific and manufacturing expertise to maximize the bioavailability of chelated minerals in our products. We keep it simple by focusing on the endpoint – binding minerals to high-quality, plant-protein-derived amino acids.

Exceptional Value

As a major ingredient supplier, Balchem leverages its purchasing power and efficient manufacturing processes to provide no-frills, value-based pricing for an extremely high-quality product. The result is the lowest cost per unit of organically bound (chelated) mineral in the industry.

Ingredient Benefits

  • Zinc is required for normal immune function, reproductive performance, skin and hoof health, muscle development, milk production and eggshell quality.
  • Manganese is required for normal immune function, reproductive performance, digestion, metabolism and healthy bone growth.
  • Magnesium improves the digestibility of feed. It is a key mineral for cows and plays a crucial role in mobilizing calcium from bones and increasing gut absorption.
  • Copper is required for normal immune function, reproductive performance, skin and hoof health, iron metabolism, and bone development and maintenance.
  • Iron is required for oxygen transport, normal immune function, milk production, and muscle development.

Customer Resources

For more information on KeyShure, make sure to check out our product information, technical reports, research summaries and other resources.

Research Summaries

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