Choline is an essential nutrient for the health and well-being of animals and humans. Balchem is the world leader in choline with production facilities in both the U.S. and Europe. Explore our different choline business segments to learn more about the various choline innovations from Balchem.

Choline for Human Nutrition & Health

Choline is an essential nutrient for human health, first recognized by the Institute of Medicine in 1998. Recent studies indicate that more than 90% of people aren’t getting enough choline from diet alone. Balchem’s VitaCholine® brand of choline salts were used in a groundbreaking clinical study that showed significant brain benefits for babies born to moms who received supplemental choline during pregnancy. From pregnancy throughout the full span of life, choline helps promote cognitive health, liver health, and proper metabolic function.

VitaCholine is the gold standard in choline salts and is used in infant formula, prenatal multivitamins, fortified foods, and many other products.

Choline for Animal Nutrition & Health

Much like in human nutrition, choline is considered an essential nutrient in most animal diets. As the global leader in choline, Balchem has been at the forefront of choline research for animals for more than 50 years. Balchem-supported research has identified the impact this essential nutrient has on cell integrity, lipid metabolism and neurotransmission.

Based on the individual needs of each species, Balchem delivers choline as PuraCholTM Choline Chloride for swine, poultry, horses and companion animals and as ReaShure® Precision Release Choline for large and small ruminants.

The Animal Nutrition & Health team delivers the highest quality choline backed by the strictest process controls in the industry. This attention to detail means our customers can be confident in the level of purity, safety and consistency in every bag and every load.

Industrial Choline

Balchem manufactures and supplies choline solutions for the oil and natural gas industry. Choline chloride and choline bicarbonate offer more attractive, effective, and environmentally responsible clay stabilizers, which heighten production rates and lower costs for the oil and natural gas industry.

The industry uses clay stabilizers to mitigate the challenges drilling and stimulation present, including wellbore instability, cuttings disintegration, bit balling, fines migration, and permeability reduction.