Products for Better Health and Wellbeing

Our entire portfolio is focused around our core vision of helping to improve the health and well-being of people around the world. From plant-based protein powders and fortified cereals to nutrients that support critical body functions, we have it covered. Our products also help make products more enjoyable, from ice cream flavors to baked goods. Because let’s face it – it’s important to focus on maintaining good health but we also need to live a little in order to be happy.

While we are committed to overall health and well-being, our nutritional products are focused on three main benefit areas. Because our efforts are concentrated in these areas, we have the knowledge and expertise required to develop on-trend insights, product concepts and formulations to help develop finished goods solutions to meet consumer needs. We call these areas our categories of therapeutic relevance because we are targeting specific health benefits that make a difference.

Brain Health

Our nutrients help support brain health throughout all stages of life, from prenatal nutrition and fetal brain development to neuro-preservation and healthy aging.

Albion minerals, like our Ferrochel brand of chelated iron and our Z-Life line of zinc chelates, provide key benefits during pregnancy to help support the developing fetus. Our MetaMag brand of magnesium chelates helps support normal brain function throughout life and Ferrochel continues to help support hemoglobin production to help transport oxygen throughout the body and to the brain.

VitaCholine was the brand of choline used in a landmark clinical study which showed that higher choline intakes during pregnancy can lead to improved infant processing speeds.  Choline is a basic building block for acetylcholine, a primary neurotransmitter that helps send messages in the brain and out to the muscles.


From energy production to liver support, our products also contribute to maintaining a healthy metabolism so that our bodies can be at their best at all times. Choline, once converted into phosphatidylcholine, helps the body export low-density lipoproteins out of the liver and into the bloodstream where they can be transported for conversion to energy. This process acts as a boost to our metabolism and improves wellbeing.


A number of our products focus on sports nutrition and benefits to people who are physically active and want to maintain their body as they age. Magnesium supports over 300 metabolic processes in the body, including muscle health. Choline plays an important role in the synthesis and preservation of nitric oxide, a metabolite that helps blood vessels dilate so they can provide more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.