Mooooove Over, Cow Milk, for Plant Milk Day

Posted: August 22, 2021

August 22 is World Plant Milk Day! This is your opportunity to explore and sample some of the dairy milk alternatives that are available consumers. Different kinds of plant-based milks have been used across the globe for hundreds of years. The first historical record of plant-based milk is an eleventh-century Iraqi recipe book. The book mentions the use of almond milk in different recipes. Soy milk was consumed by the Ming Dynasty in China back in the 1600’s. In 1921, a rice company based in San Francisco produced the first rice milk. Today plant-based milks also include coconut, hemp, pea, oat and peanut providing consumers with a variety of options.

No matter the milk – nutrition and taste are important. At Balchem®, we offer an array of flavor systems and flavor bases. These benefits can add color, texture, and flavor to almost any type of drink.  We can also help to relevant plant-based beverages to add in additional functional ingredients that drive consumer purchases.  In fact, milk products with cognition claims are growing more than non-functional claims, highlighting that consumers are looking for something more than an “alternative”.  There is an underserved demographic in cognitive health in the 18-54 age range that are seeking cognition supporting food and beverages. Brain health was already trending – pandemic accelerated it. We are skilled at developing new concepts in dairy and plant-based beverages that will resonate with the targeted consumer.

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