Trick or Treat! Enjoy Some Spooky Chocolate on National Chocolate Day!

halloween chocolate
Posted: October 28, 2021

Trick or treat! What’s your favorite Halloween treat to enjoy this time of year? Here at Balchem, we love to indulge in some good old-fashioned chocolates. Celebrate both Halloween and National Chocolate Day today! Balchem’s Halloween-themed products can help you achieve your chocolatey dreams.

Want to know a hauntingly interesting fact about chocolate? Over 90 million pounds of chocolate are sold during the week of Halloween. This is the equivalent weight of nearly 1 million 13-year-old children. The primary reason for this massive amount of chocolate being sold is that the majority of Americans report that chocolate is their favorite Halloween sweet1.

Looking to enjoy some chocolate this Halloween but sick of traditional sweets? Why not enjoy some ice cream instead? Balchem’s Black Widow Ice Cream is the perfect chocolatey treat for this holiday. This ice cream uses a delicious gray cookies and cream ice cream flavor base. We then add in some white candy bones to add a nice contrast to the dark base. Finally, we use a special gooey Slimy Red Variegate in order to add a fun mouthfeel while sticking to the fun Halloween theme.

This ice cream can be customized in whatever way you want to in order to meet your specific. Whether you want to enjoy a non-dairy pant-based ice cream or want to add in some additional inclusions and flavor systems, Balchem has you covered.

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