Tea Time

Posted: November 12, 2020

Warmer temperatures will be back before you know it! So, there is no better time to start formulating your iced tea base. Being able to create any flavor is something we are known for because, well, we’re great at it! We are always looking for new flavor trends in the tea market and constantly researching the upcoming trends.

Flavor Base Capabilities

We create a wide variety of iced tea flavors whether you are formulating the perfect freshly-brewed, homemade flavor or looking to add a raspberry topnotes to your offerings. Our tea bases come in a variety of flavors and we are always open to creating a new flavor with you! Our tea bases include, but are not limited to, black tea, orange pekoe, rooibos, green, matcha, white, black, red leaf teas, and so many more! We create economical options with that same high-quality taste your consumers will crave. Regardless of what tea flavor you choose for the warmer months, it will be a refreshing, ice-cold summer beverage.


Incorporating a topnote flavor in your tea can really upgrade the flavor. It can add excitement to a classic flavor and gain consumer attention. As noted earlier, we are constantly researching the most up-to-date flavor trends. This makes us great partners in developing your next tea with an on-trend top-note. A green tea base with a blueberry top-note automatically becomes your customers next springtime go-to tea! If you are already thinking ahead to next winter, a matcha tea with a sweet peppermint top-note would create a new twist on a classic seasonal flavor.

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