Perfect Pie Preparation

Posted: November 24, 2020
Fresh Baked Apple Pie wheat and fruit

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and more winter holidays following closely behind, we are looking forward to enjoying the classic dessert, pie. Our pie bases are so good that even a slice of humble pie won’t make us say otherwise! Keep reading to see why.

Pie Bases

Balchem’s Pie Bases are delicious and extremely functional. They are easy to prepare for in-store bakeries (more on that in the next section of the blog) and completely customizable! We offer many natural flavors and the potential flavor combinations are endless. To make our pie bases even more accessible, we offer low minimum order quantities. This allows us to work with your budget and create the best “pie plan” for you!

The 5 Steps to Pie Perfection

  1. Add pie base to sweetened condensed whole milk
  2. Mix until completely blended
  3. Add pie base to pie crust
  4. Refrigerate overnight or 24 hours to allow the pie to fully set
  5. Decorate as desired, possibly with our QuIC Whip™ whipped topping, and dig in!

Yes, that is really all it takes to create your picture-perfect pie with Balchem’s Pie Bases!

Pie-Inspired Ice Cream Flavors

Pies aren’t meant to only be eaten in slices! We have created many pie-inspired ice cream and frozen dessert flavors that translate to the freezer case for consumer demand.

Our Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Ice Cream is loaded with a rich, creamy sweet potato pie inspired ice cream. Then, to add even more pie flavor, there is a bourbon pecan pie variegate swirled in. This is a unique, comfort-inducing flavor that is ideal for a seasonal LTO during the fall or winter.

Granny’s Apple Butter Vanilla Custard Ice Cream is another pie-related flavor. It is loaded with an apple butter swirl. Granny’s Apple Butter Vanilla Custard Ice Cream is inspired by the cozy feeling of a homemade dessert. A spoonful of this flavor feels just like a warm hug from Granny!

Finally, Kabocha Spice Pie is a brand-new 2021 Fall Feature Flavor. We’ve compared it to an international version of a classically fall, Pumpkin Spice Latte. It contains real butternut squash puree and natural Kabocha Squash-type flavoring to create the Kabocha Spice Pie ice cream base. Kabocha has been called a Japanese pumpkin with a sweet potato-like flavor. To add in some pie delight, we include a textured variegate with Pie Crust Pieces to complete the pie-inspired concept with an adventurous eating flair.

Contact Us! We’re ready to start on your next pie base. Contact us to get started! 

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