Spooky Seasonal Flavors

Posted: October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween! We know that things look a little different and masks are being worn for reasons other than for costumes. We hope that it is still a time for you to celebrate and enjoy some sweet treats! This blog will feature our Halloween Feature Flavors we have created and information on our sour candy applications.

Kabocha Spice Pie Ice Cream

Our Kabocha Spice Pie Feature Flavor cannot be missed! It is a bright orange, naturally colored, ice cream that is quite an attention grabber. The base is Kabocha flavored. Kabocha is a Japanese winter squash. It tastes like a Western pumpkin but has a sweet potato undertone as well. This squash flavor is sweet, inspired by the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte, and perfect for Halloween! There are also Pie Crust and Moroccan Spiced Pecans included in the variegate which add an exciting texture for the ice cream consumer. This flavor pumps up the classic Pumpkin Spice flavor to a globally inspired favorite for adventurous eating!

Black Widows Web Ice Cream

Our Black Widows Web Ice Cream flavor is all treats and no tricks! The flavor base is gray cookies & cream ice cream. The tiny white bone candies we have added stand out against the dark ice cream. Then, we formulated a perfectly gooey, Slimy Red Variegate. This slimy variegate is meant to add in a fun mouthfeel while still staying true to the spooky, Halloween theme. This kid-friendly flavor is great for children and adults alike to celebrate the holiday!

We are committed to offering customizable options so that everyone can enjoy your delicious LTOs for any occasion. Our applications are available in non-dairy options as well. We can collaborate with you on the ideal LTO formulation for your specific flavor.

Sour Candy Applications

Sour Candy is a Halloween staple. We have perfected our sours to ensure that they perform as well as they taste! Our ConfecShure® Sours are encapsulated ingredients that allow the manufacturer to control the release of acid or sugar. This control is accomplished by utilizing our proprietary microencapsulation technology. We protect against sugar inversion, clumping and hygroscopicity. Our ConfecShure® Sours deliver a prolonged shelf life. They can also create a high-impact sour flavor and can allow for an extended flavor release on your sour candy creations.

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