Sour Solutions

Posted: August 31, 2020

Balchem specializes in developing encapsulated solutions. We deliver these high-quality solutions to many top confectionery manufacturers. Collaborating on your next confectionery masterpiece would be a delight. Our technical expertise paired with our passion for problem-solving creates the perfect balance to ensure you achieve your goals when it comes to sour solutions.

Our ConfecShure® Sours are encapsulated acids that allow the manufacturer to control the release of acid or sugar. This control is accomplished using our proprietary microencapsulation technology. We protect against sugar inversion, clumping, and hygroscopicity. Our ConfecShure® Sours deliver a prolonged shelf life. They can also create a high-impact sour flavor and can allow for an extended flavor release.

These benefits help to create a consistent finished product. For more information on our sour solutions, please contact us.

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