Mashed Potatoes and Gravy: The Perfect Pair

Posted: November 16, 2020

Mashed potatoes and gravy are one of our favorite comfort foods, and are also known as, the side dish that no holiday meal is complete without! Balchem helps you create the perfect packets of instant mashed potato applications along with powdered gravy options through our spray drying and agglomeration technologies.

Mashed Potatoes

Creating perfectly fluffy mashed potatoes that still taste great is no small task. Thankfully, we have mastered it. Our Centennial I Coconut powdered vegetable shortening improves packaged instant mashed potatoes. This is an efficient way to add the fat to a dry product, such as mashed potatoes. Our R&D Research Technologist, Pat McPeak, highlights the major benefits of using Balchem’s powdered vegetable shortening or cream powder. McPeak explains that it allows for convenient concentrated dry powders. This allows for easier storage and more accurate measuring. Including our ingredients within mashed potato applications increases creaminess and opacity.

These benefits create a homestyle mashed potato product that will delight guests. The enhanced texture improves mouthfeel. A natural mashed potato mouthfeel is important and Balchem is dedicated to delivering this.


Mashed potatoes, when topped with deliciously savory gravy, are taken up a notch. One gravy application we have created is Quali Cream™. This is a creaming agent sourced from cream and butter. It is used for gravies, confections, sauces, nutrition bars and shakes, dips, dressings, and dessert mixes. Two products that are used to create creamy gravy are Centennial II-Coconut-178310 andQuic Creamer 7102-1047102. These products produce a high-quality sauce with a cream base. Our gravies come in powdered form for added convenience and to increase cost effectiveness. We can help you create that classic gravy taste, just like mom used to make, without the lumps.

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