Strawberry Sundae Day

Posted: July 7, 2020

It’s Strawberry Sundae Day! For a healthier strawberry sundae, we love our 2016 Feature Flavor, Strawberry Sunset . It is frozen Greek yogurt with a strawberry basil lemonade base. Just top this flavor with some strawberries and you have a strawberry-filled sundae!

Health, specifically gut health, is a priority for consumers. According to research from Mintel, 48% of U.S. consumers believe that good digestive health is important for overall well-being. So, frozen Greek yogurt can appeal to consumers who want ice cream but also are aware of their need for probiotics.

This Greek yogurt offering is unique and an exciting option for consumers craving indulgence while being concerned about the ingredients within their dessert. Yogurt alternatives are consistently changing but Greek yogurt has been a constant contender in the yogurt space. This demonstrates the longevity of the Greek yogurt trend and the impressive number of consumers that enjoy it.

Our Strawberry Sunset Frozen Greek Yogurt flavor is customizable to your needs. If you would prefer strawberry with a hint of mint, we would love to formulate that top note for you. The lemonade could be swapped for another flavor such as matcha green tea. The opportunities for innovation within the Greek yogurt ice cream space are exciting especially for those in the health-food space.

Contact us for more information on our many frozen dessert applications or to start formulating your next A+ flavor.

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