Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice

Posted: October 4, 2020

Cinnamon is a delicious note to add to baked goods, frozen treats or beverage applications. We are experts in cinnamon flavors and enjoy creating the perfect balance of sweet and spice. Our passion for globally inspired flavors shows in our use of cinnamon in ice cream and desire to create nuanced flavors.

Cinnamon Inclusions

Cinnamon rolls are the perfect sweet dessert. Our Freezer to Oven BakeShure® applications help to preserve the deliciously spiced dough we all know and love. Our BakeShure® line is extremely customizable and can be adjusted based on customer needs. Not only can we assist in keeping your dough the best it can be, but we also create delicious cinnamon roll inclusions. These high-quality cinnamon bite-sized morsels are something that we pride ourselves on. Our inclusion applications allow for bursts of color, enhanced flavor, improved mouthfeel, and so much more. These benefits paired with our cinnamon flavor expertise demonstrate why Balchem is the right choice when creating your cinnamon roll or other cinnamon application.

In Fall 2017, we created our Mayan Chocolate Cookie. The cinnamon-pepper inclusions in this cookie combine sweet cinnamon and hot spice from the pepper. This exciting combo adds in a kick to an otherwise sweet chocolate cinnamon cookie. Using the Mayan Chocolate flavor callout demonstrates just one example of how Balchem aims to constantly make flavors more enticing for consumers. Chocolate was developed by Mayans, as early as 900 A.D. in Mesoamerica. Mayans believed that chocolate was a gift from the gods and we absolutely agree with them! They originally used cocoa in a frothy drink with hot chili peppers and water. This rich history is noted in our Mayan Chocolate Cookie through our high-quality cinnamon-pepper inclusions.

Cinnamon Flavors

Our Cinnamon Churro 2012 Feature Flavor is a cinnamon cream ice cream with cinnamon sugar shortcake pieces. To add in a little extra texture and enhance visual appeal, it is then swirled with crunchy cinnamon sugar variegate. Our Cinnamon Churro ice cream is full of sweet cinnamon sugar that is delicately balanced with shortcake. This flavor is Globally Inspired by the traditional Spanish dessert. During a time where travel is limited, enjoying Globally Inspired flavors, such as our Cinnamon Churro flavor, helps to satisfy our need for adventure. Be sure to check out our blog post, “Ice Cream Trends During COVID,” for more information on consumer’s current dessert habits.

Cinnamon Nuances

Creating flavor combinations with an edge is an area of expertise for Balchem. We pride ourselves on creating nuanced indulgences that are just, well, better! As demonstrated through our Cinnamon Churro Ice Cream and Mayan Chocolate Cookie, we are not afraid to take risks when it comes to using cinnamon. Upgrading flavors take a good dessert to a showstopper!

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