Spring 2020 Inclusions: Feature Flavors

Posted: March 19, 2019

Spring has sprung! It’s time to find lighter, brighter flavors that bring the fun for sweet and savory snacks alike. Our 2020 Spring Feature Flavors Inclusions launch centers on trend projections for 2020 and beyond.

Global Inspirations are nothing new, and menus are becoming more authentic with greater acceptance of street food and cuisine from the far corners of the globe. Incorporation of flavors, aromas, textures and cooking methods from around the world build on this trend. Millennials are leading the pace on this trend helping new flavors become mainstream faster. Global cocktails and spicy sauces from all over the world show up here.

Cheese Please builds from the incorporation of premium cheeses showing up everywhere from ice cream to high end desserts, where they wouldn’t usually be expected, especially sourced Cheddar and Gruyere. Cheese is back in flavor favor in baked goods and it will continue to show up in unexpected places. 

Nuanced Indulgences are part of making everything we eat, just a little extra. Vanilla isn’t just vanilla anymore, the expectation is that it is brandied, honeyed, smoked and still delivers vanilla with just a bit more.

Next to Nature is based on the consumer expectation that retailers and bakers meet “Free-From” claims, and deliver on flavors and food experiences near natural.

Brightly Flavored Colors help bring fruits and vegetables forward in new ways, with visual excitement coming to the forefront. The more photo-friendly, the better.

We featured the Dragon Fruit Animal Cookies at ASB in February and people loved them. They are so bright and fun with a great zing of juicy Dragon Fruit in a fun shaped animal cookie. This inclusion is part of both the Brightly Flavored Colors and Global Inspirations trends. Dragon Fruit inclusions deliver unique flavor and aroma with consistent usage and drop-in functionality.

Brandied Cherry Madeleines are part of Nuanced Indulgences and Global Inspirations. The sweet and tangy taste of cherries heightened with the sweetness of brandy bring this delicate sponge cake to life with a vibrant pink colored inclusion and sensory experience reminiscent of a summer cordial. Brandied cherries are a delicious addition to cocktails or even atop an ice cream sundae, these Brandied Cherry Madeleines are inspired by springtime in Paris.

Honey Mustard & Raspberry Pretzel Bites are Next to Nature and Globally Inspired. Sweet and tangy flavors combined in an easy to incorporate inclusions that deliver consistent flavor and visual impact. A soft pretzel bite baked to perfection with the nature inspired sweetness of honey blended with the hot bite of mustard and the delicate burst of sweetness and just a hint of acidic tartness from the raspberry. The Honey Mustard & Raspberry Pretzel Bites deliver heat without overpowering the palate.

Chimichurri Flat Bread are Globally Inspired and Next to Nature. Rich and savory Chimichurri flavors are featured in this Flat Bread that are reminiscent of the delicious South American sauce that pairs perfectly with steak. This authentic experience will remind you of a Brazilian steakhouse with the blends of herbs.

Mango Salsa Tortilla Chips are part of the Brightly Flavored Colors and Globally Inspired trends. This bright orange inclusion brings the sweet heat of mango salsa to a crisp tortilla chip. Subtle jalapeno notes kick up the spice of the salsa that plays off the juicy sweetness of the mango. It’s a refreshingly bright flavor experience, with just enough heat.

Tiramisu Cake Bites are built on Nuanced Indulgences and Cheese Please trends. They have all of the creamy indulgence of mascarpone cheese, espresso and lady fingers of the original Tiramisu dessert in this inclusion, come to life in these tender cake bites. Inspired by the Italian dessert these flavors kick up the sweet treat and play off the growing popularity of cheese.

These seasonal inclusions are designed to fit in the growing snacking trend for sweet and savory launches you are planning to take to market next Spring. Email [email protected]  to get more information and find out more about these inclusions by clicking here.

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