Prepare Your 2019 Fall Bakery Launches with Globally Inspired Flavors

Posted: September 18, 2018

Labor Day seems to signal the official end of summer and the entrance of pumpkin spice everything. As we say good bye to long summer days and prepare for cooler evenings, family hikes and more time at home for the Holiday season our 2019 Fall Feature Flavors launch is bringing exotic flavors home for your favorite snacks and meals. We have worked on fusing exotic, worldly flavors and inspirations with snacks, desserts and breads.

No Holiday meal is complete without a dinner roll. Next fall’s Butternut Squash Cardamom Potato Rolls feature our favorite gourd, the butternut squash together with Cardamom to bring in a hint of global spice. While pumpkin has held strong, and sweet potatoes have come on in sweet applications, fine dining continues to feature the Butternut Squash in multiple applications. This inclusion lets you incorporate in bakery items across the board for sweet and savory appeal.

Remember Granny’s Spice Cake? So do we. Love autumn apple picking? So do we. Love Baharat tea? Wait, you haven’t tried it yet? Baharat is a staple in Middle Eastern cooking, and just a pinch adds depths and flavor that is the global inspiration for our Baharat Inclusion. This inclusion is a fusion of nostalgic memories from granny’s kitchen and global spices that leaves you wanting to eat….just….one…more, and maybe another after that.

You know what’s better than a granola bar during a beautiful fall hike under the changing leaves? A granola bite with Fig and Green Hatch Chili inclusions. Fig is one of the sustaining trends in food flavoring, combine it with green hatch chilies and the sweet heat in this granola bite is sweet, savory and on trend for your 2019 fall snack launches.

We didn’t get invited to the Royal Wedding either. Hard to believe, right? Yet we can still experience the flavor with this cookie, brightened by the subtle flavor of elderflower and the bright tartness of lemon together in one inclusion. The fragrant aroma of elderflower combined with lemon is a classic flavor combination that pairs well in delectably sweet baked goods, thanks to the Elderflower Lemon Inclusion.

As the cold begins to creep in, there’s only one thing better than sipping an Old Fashioned in front of the fireplace, and that’s an Old Fashioned Cocktail Cookie. The only thing missing in this inclusion is the Kentucky hug. Enjoy the classic cocktail flavor in this cookie and leave the muddling to us. The essence of the classic whiskey based cocktail comes through perfectly in this Old Fashioned Inclusion, building on the mocktail trend that’s projected to keep going strong.

And, our 2019 Feature Flavors fall launch wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the growing Cold Brew coffee trend. How do you improve an already delicious, ooey-gooey brownie? You add in our Cold Brew Inclusion. Cold brew coffee is naturally less acidic and seems sweeter than traditional brewing. Those flavor features come through perfectly in this inclusion, ready to be enjoyed in every brownie bite.

These seasonal inclusions are designed to fit in the growing snacking trend for sweet and savory launches you are planning to take to market next fall. Email [email protected] to get more information and find out more about these inclusions by clicking here.

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