National Cheese Day

Posted: June 4, 2020

Today is National Cheese Day! We are so excited to celebrate this by sharing Balchem’s cheese-related applications.

“Cheese Please” is a trend in our Feature Flavors that addresses the increase of cheesy flavors desired by consumers. One of the flavors from our Spring 2021 Feature Flavors is an Asiago Steak & Onion French Bread. The Asiago mini-flake inclusion is like an entire savory charcuterie board in one bite. The Steak & Onion mini-flake inclusion is full of mouthwatering, smoky flavors. Both mini-flake inclusions build on the “Cheese Please” trend. They create a delectable taste in French bread and many other applications. As grilling season begins, these inclusions will improve the flavor profile to compliment spreads and meat. The Balchem products used in this application are Asiago NTN MF Inclusions, Steak & Onion NTN MF Inclusions, and BakeShure 250 Sorbic Acid.

One of our 2020 Feature Flavors was a Goat Cheese and Fig. It was inspired by top dessert menus and recipes ripped from the best gourmet cooking magazines. The fig flavor is trending especially when paired with the earthy tartness of goat cheese. This inclusion builds on Mediterranean food experiences and perfectly complements the Cheese Please experience in a crispy cracker bite.

Balchem also offers high fat lipid powder applications. These include but are not limited to, Centennial II-coconut-178310 and Quic Creamer 7102-1047102. These can be used in cheese sauce and soup applications. Examples of these deliciously cheesy flavors could be mac & cheese or a warm bowl of broccoli cheddar soup.

Balchem also creates lower fat lipid sunflower powder such as Richmix HO-Sun 50 NT-18313-NPH. This lower fat sunflower powder has been used in Cheese Queso dip and more applications. It creates a lower fat snacking experience while still providing the creamy texture we all crave.

Both lipid powders are cost effective and create an opportunity to reduce the more expensive cheese ingredients. Here at Balchem, not sacrificing taste for cost effectiveness is important to us. So, our lipid powders are designed to improve the mouthfeel, taste and creaminess in the eating and drinking experience.

It would not be a Cheese Day celebration without cake! So, we must mention our fantastic No Bake Cheesecake applications. These include whip topping products such as Quic Whip 5001-175386 and Quic Whip 8006-NPH-1128006-NPH. Both of these can provide great mouthfeel and taste in No Bake Cheesecake applications. These whip topping products not only improve the texture but also provide aeration and stability in the No Bake Cheesecake application.

The final Cheese Please flavor we would like to showcase today is our Cheese Popcorn variegate. It was used in a Chicago Mix Popcorn Ice Cream Feature Flavor in 2020. This Midwestern-inspired flavor is made up of popcorn flavored ice cream base with two twisted variegates. These variegates are Sea Salt Caramel and Cheese Popcorn swirled together to add exciting texture and indulgence for this Midwestern favorite.

These flavors and Balchem products have us saying, “More cheese, please!” If you are interested in learning more about our cheese applications or would like to test some out for yourself, please contact us. We would love to hear from you and assist in making your product the cheesiest, it can be.