Feature Flavors 2020: The Second Scoop

Posted: February 21, 2019

For the past year we have been working on the trends and flavors for you to take to the freezer case in 2020. In our last blog post of 2018 we reviewed the trends for 2020. This year’s lineup of concepts features our unique ingredients, including flavor bases, variegates, and low melt inclusions.

Last week we unveiled the first five flavors of Feature Flavors 2020 for Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts. Whether you are looking for fully developed concepts or inspiration for development our team is here to help you innovate something amazingly delicious to take to market.

We hope you enjoy this year’s portfolio of CrowdPleasersTM and Premium PintablesTM, as well as our High Protein and Vegan concepts.

We can’t all fly over the pond for an invitation to High Tea, however our Stroopwafels at High Tea Ice Cream is a global inspiration for the high class jet setter in you. It features Vanilla Earl Grey Ice Cream swirled with an indulgent Caramel Variegate and Waffle Liquid Chips for a Textured Taste reminiscent of the favorite Dutch cookie treat paired with a cuppa’.

The ooey, gooey marshmallowy nuanced indulgence of Honey Caramel S’mores is a Textured Taste that will take you to a happier place. Honey Caramel Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream swirled with Graham Cracker Textured Variegate and Chocolate Liquid Chip adds crunch and texture to this ice cream treat that’s sure to be a CrowdPleaser.

We’re going bananas for Vegan Banoffee Pie Frozen Dessert.  We took this Global Inspiration straight from the British Isles and created a frozen dessert that’s Better For You and Next to Nature. It’s an Almond Toffee Vegan Frozen dessert in Vegan Banana Mix swirled with a Vegan Caramel Variegate and Moroccan Spiced Praline Pecan Inclusions to replicate this favorite British dessert in a Premium Pintable.

Get Next to Nature with another Textured Taste when you try Carnival Caramel Apple. It’s a Granny Smith Apple flavored ice cream with bits of real apple, swirled with indulgent caramel and praline peanut inclusions. Made with all natural flavors and colors, it bursts with fresh from the orchard juicy apple notes to become a real CrowdPleaser.

And, last, but definitely not least is Limoncello Bubbly Sherbet. This Better For You sherbet is a naturally colored and flavored lemon yellow Limoncello Sherbet twisted with White Grape Sherbet that delivers the sensory experience of a flute of bubbly inspired by the Italian drink.

Check out our full Feature Flavors line up here. They sound delicious to us! We hope you agree.

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