Falling for 2020 Inclusions Feature Flavors

Posted: November 12, 2019

Just as the time change signifies falling back into bed for an extra hour, we fell hard for our Feature Flavors launch.

After reviewing trends, predicting flavors and developing new inclusions that are fun and exciting, we can’t wait for you to try our demonstrations and incorporate into your Fall bakery offerings. The Big Trends we are focused on for 2020 Bakery options are:

Globally Inspired – Incorporating flavors, aromas, textures and cooking methods from around the world. We are very focused on the rich flavors from the Middle East right now and think you’ll love the Pistachio/Cardamom Shortbread Cookie. These shortbread cookies feature the classic middle eastern pairing of warm cardamom spice and sweetly nutty pistachios perfect for tea time. From kulfi to rice puddings, this flavor combination brings flavors common across India and much of the middle east to a daily sweet treat.

Brightly colored – Bring visual excitement to the forefront and think all things Fantasy/Novelty! Our Unicorn inclusion in a deliciously moist sponge cake that is tender and sweet, brightened with our brightly colored Unicorn Inclusions created with our Inclusion Blending Technology to delight your customer’s flights of fancy in any combination of colors.

Cheese Please – As cheese flavors continue to trend up, we are up on this Goat Cheese and Fig Cracker. Inspired by top dessert menus and recipes ripped from the best cooking magazines, fig continues its dominance in trends paired with the earthy tartness of goat cheese. This inclusion builds on Mediterranean food experiences and perfectly complements the Cheese Please experience in a crispy cracker bite.

Nuanced Indulgences—Bring more depth of flavor with nuances of salt, smoke, honey, coffee and keep them rich and indulgent.Vanilla isn’t just vanilla anymore. Two of our Fall Feature Flavors fall into this category. Hazelnut Coffee Cake Bites are inspired by the coffeehouse experience of the perfectly hot steaming hazelnut latte, this inclusion brings the rich and nutty hazelnut flavor together with the depth of espresso. Hazelnut Coffee Cake Bites are a perfect pick me up with our favorite caffeine kick.

Caramel and Fuji Apple Pear Cookie Salted caramel combined with Fuji Apples and Pears make this cookie the premium nuanced indulgence for fall. This inclusion distinctly features the flavors individuality and brightness.

Next to Nature – Light and refreshing flavors, free from claims and a return to all things natural fit in this trend category well. Just like our Stem Ginger with Honey Cookie this inclusion perfectly replicates the bite of candied ginger with the sweetness of the crystallized syrup accented by the honey in this inclusion.

These seasonal inclusions are designed to fit in the growing snacking trend for sweet and savory launches you are planning to take to market next Fall. Email [email protected]  to get more information and find out more about these inclusions by clicking here.

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