2021 Frozen Dessert Feature Flavors

Posted: May 11, 2020

This week’s blog post is a spotlight on our 2021 Frozen Dessert Feature Flavors. These flavors are full of exciting colors, delicious textures and innovative ice cream technology from Balchem.

First up, we have our brand-new Ruby Chocolate Cherry flavor. This is a rich, Ruby Chocolate ice cream that takes a vibrant pink spin on traditional chocolate. It is the Rose Gold of Chocolate ice cream! Then, we’ve included Milk Chocolate Hearts and swirls of Cherry Variegate. The Cherry Variegate perfectly complements the smooth Milk Chocolate Hearts. This pink-toned ice cream has us falling in love with our new Ruby Chocolate Cherry flavor, a perfect flavor to add to your Valentine’s LTO lineup.

Watermelon Fizz is our next Feature Flavor for 2021. It is a bubbly-inspired treat that tastes like a relaxing summer afternoon by the pool. This fresh flavor is Watermelon Champagne flavored sorbet with Raspberry BetrFlakes™  included as well. This flavor adds a fun pop of color to our Feature Flavors and is sure to be received with enthusiasm from consumers.

Our next Feature Flavor is sure to get you ready for fall. Our Black Widows Web Feature Flavor is a dark grey Cookies & Cream ice cream with Tiny White Bone candy inclusions. Gooey streaks of Slimy Red Variegate are added throughout. They are then swirled into this cookies & cream ice cream with the Slimy Red Variegate. This flavor demonstrates the broad range of Feature Flavors and creativity available at Balchem.

Grab your best America-themed piece of clothing, fire up the grill and get ready for our 4th of July inspired feature flavor: Red, White and Blue. This flavor basically sings the National Anthem to you as you taste the patriotic flavor. Our Red, White and Blue Feature Flavor is Red Cake ice cream twisted with Blue Cake ice cream. These two paired together create an American colored tie dye effect. Then, there are pieces of pound cake included. To top it all off, we have included ribbons of White Firework Popping Variegate that explode in your mouth. Our Popping Variegate creates an exciting ice cream eating experience. It also creates the most delicious fireworks show we have ever tasted!

Why Balchem Ingredient Solutions?

Every customer is different and that is why our lab team members focus on providing customized, personal service to our customers. We work with our customers one-on-one to create their custom bases and variegates. Do you want to create a new hybrid flavor? Are you looking to match a flavor? Are you creating a flavor using only specific ingredients? We would love to share our expertise with you and create something amazing together. This expertise is what makes Balchem unique and full of innovation.

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