June is National Dairy Month!

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Posted: June 10, 2021

June is National Dairy Month! Dairy has played an important role in the health and nutrition of Americans since modern dairy farming began in the 1900s. Filled with powerful nutrients like calcium, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and more, dairy provides a plethora of health benefits.

Here are some interesting fun facts about dairy to celebrate:

  • A cow produces an average of 8 gallons of milk daily
  • Over half of the calcium consumed by Americans comes from dairy products
  • Cheddar is the most popular type of cheese in America
  • Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor
  • 95% of dairy farms in the United States are family owned

There are many types of dairy, and Balchem has the solutions to enhance them. If you prefer to celebrate National Dairy Month with flavored milk, our Flavor Bases are a fun and delicious way to do so. With our broad range of options, you can enjoy classics like strawberry milk, or new and unique flavors like Caramel Apple. In addition, our Chocolate Dairy Powder made from high-quality sourced cocoa creates perfect chocolate milk.

Prefer to celebrate with Ice Cream? Balchem has you covered with Liquid Chip technology and Variegates to bring mouthfeel and sensory experiences as you formulate your ideal ice cream. Our variegates provide texture, flavor, and color to enhance the sweet, frozen experience. With flavors like Gingerbread, Salted Pretzel, and Brownie Batter, your ice cream is sure to be a crowd favorite!

Contact us today to find out more about our dairy enhancing products!

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