Changing the Landscape of Joint Health Formulations

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This is the first study of MSM supplementation on markers of joint health to be carried out in healthy adults; and it highlights the potential of OptiMSM® to be effective at just 2 grams per day. This trial provides us with the confirmation that all the benefits reported from clinical and pre-clinical studies on patients with osteoarthritis could be applied to healthy adults, changing the landscape of joint health formulations by allowing more flexibility in formulation and messaging on pack!

About the Study

The study, “Methylsulfonylmethane Improves Knee Quality of Life in Participants with Mild Knee Pain” is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial that set out to evaluate the effects of oral consumption of MSM in relieving mild knee joint pain. Published in the scientific journal Nutrients, the study evaluated 88 healthy adults who were experiencing mild pain in the knee joint(s), and consumed 2g of OptiMSM® or a placebo daily for 12 weeks.

Does OptiMSM® support joint health in healthy subjects?

Study Goal: To determine the efficiacy of OptiMSM supplementation on Joint function and comfort in healthy participants.
N=88 M/F with milf knee pain, age 20+y. Joint assessments JKOM INdex

OptiMSM® supplementation improves measures of joint health

OptiMSM supplementation 
Significantly improved self-reported systematic health. 
Significantly improved markers of joint health, function and comfort.

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