The Power of Winerals

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Essential for optimal health, minerals are the unsung heroes within. Unlike commonplace, inorganic minerals , Albion® Minerals amino acid chelates emulate nature’s packaging, optimizing absorption for optimal benefits. These vital nutrients play a fundamental role in various bodily functions, yet not all mineral supplements are created equal. Enter Albion® mineral amino acid chelates, a revolutionary approach that emulates nature’s packaging to optimize absorption with proven stability. Discover the Power of Winerals and Albion® mineral amino acid chelates.

What’s a Chelate?

The term “chelate” traces its origin to the Greek word “chele,” meaning “claw.” Just like a set of claws wrapping around the metal, Albion® chelates form robust bonds with ligand molecules, rendering unique nutritional attributes: for example a molecular weight under 800 Daltons, a neutral charge, and exceptional stability, preventing unwanted reactions. This composition facilitates efficient metabolism, leading to improved nutrient absorption and heightened nutrient density.

Why choose Albion® Minerals?

Albion®, the industry standard-bearer, vouches for unmatched chelate precision with over two decades of consistent quality.

  1. Experience Pioneered: With a legacy dating back to 1956, Albion® has been at the forefront of the chelation frontier
  2. Bioavailability Perfected: Albion® prioritizes natural packaging, optimal absorption, and proven stability, ensuring that each mineral is delivered to the body in its most bioavailable form.
  3. Scientifically Validated: With over 160 publications, our products are more than just claims, offering scientifically validated solutions for optimal health.
  4. Purity and potency: Consumers should look for supplements that boast high levels of purity and potency. This ensures that they are getting the maximum benefit from the minerals without unnecessary fillers or contaminants. Albion’s® commitment to quality starts with carefully selected, pure ingredients sourced through approved manufacturers.
  5. Transparency and accountability: Trust is a crucial component of quality. Consumers should prioritize brands that are transparent about their sourcing, manufacturing processes, and third-party testing results. Look for products that are backed by reputable certifications and adhere to stringent regulatory standards. Albion Minerals® is committed to accountability to deliver on our quality promises and prioritize consumer safety.
  6. Comprehensive formulations: While individual minerals certainly support some health benefits, consumers may benefit from supplements that offer comprehensive formulations tailored to specific needs. Whether targeting bone health, immune support, or overall wellness, a well-rounded blend of minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients can provide synergistic benefits and address multiple facets of health simultaneously.

Bioavailability: Albion’s® Pledge

Not all minerals are created equal. While many supplements fall short, Albion® stands tall, wrapping minerals in nature’s design for maximum absorption. Our secret? Amino acids, like the bond between glycine and magnesium forming magnesium bisglycinate, ensuring nutrients reach where they’re most needed.

Albion® Minerals: Beyond Excellence

Safety and quality are our pledges. Beyond superior bioavailability, we stand for purity and global compliance. Albion’s® commitment to quality starts with carefully selected, pure ingredients sourced through approved manufacturers. Our rigorous testing ensures halal, kosher, and non-GMO compliance. Additionally, chelated minerals don’t need ionization and are not pH dependent. On
the other hand, non-chelated mineral compounds may compromise the integrity of essential nutrients, including vitamins A and E, ascorbic acid, specific B vitamins, and certain medicinal agents.

Mimicking Nature’s Brilliance:

Nature has always been the ultimate architect of health, and Albion® minerals strive to mimic its brilliance. Since hemoglobin and plant chlorophyll can be considered natural chelate compounds, chelation is the way to deliver essential minerals as nature intended. Much like how iron is bound to amino acid ligands within hemoglobin, our chelated minerals are also wrapped in beneficial amino acids like glycine, resembling nature’s nutrient delivery. It’s akin to absorbing minerals through proteins in our diet, ensuring efficient and digestive-friendly uptake.

Comprehensive Regulatory Safety

Albion Minerals meet strict regulatory standards set by 21 Code of Federal Regulations Section 117 and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration. Backed by scientific evidence and approved for use in food supplements in Europe, our chelates exemplify safety and efficacy on 

Win with the Power of Winerals

The significance of minerals in maintaining optimal health cannot be overstated. Albion® mineral amino acid chelates emerge as a pioneering solution that bridges the gap between conventional mineral supplements and nature’s intricate design. Discover the Power of Winerals today!

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