Customizing Cocoa

Posted: December 13, 2020

Regional Cocoa

Our chocolate dairy powder is made from high quality cocoa from a variety of regions. Creating unique flavors with sourced cocoa powders is an application and manufacturing skillset where Balchem excels. We create unique flavors and can match flavor, color, and multiple other sensory characteristics to match your manufacturing needs to meet consumer expectations. This means that our team of cocoa experts is extremely skilled at developing new concepts and are ready to work with your team.

Plant-Based Capabilities

The opportunities for chocolate milk, hot cocoa, and other cocoa-based beverages are endless. Our Chocolate Dairy Powder capabilities can be changed to become plant-based, rather than dairy-based. For example, we can formulate, spray dry, and agglomerate plant-based milk replacement beverages where the consumer simply adds water to mix up a great-tasting hot or cold drink from a powder. This plant-based capability also provides a huge amount of customization.

Customization Opportunities

Balchem offers low-calorie, low sugar and no-sugar added options as well. This option allows us to focus on fulfilling each customer’s individual needs. We are focused on creating high-quality chocolate dairy powder that is still functional for you consumer-focused applications.

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