Agglomeration 101

Posted: August 27, 2020

Welcome to agglomeration 101. Agglomeration is an important technology for the powdered food and beverage industry. Balchem is a market leader in creating tailored solutions using agglomeration technology to help ensure your powders are easily dissolvable and do not form clumps when hydrated. Consumers demand fast-dissolving powder products and that’s why we place such importance on creating high-performance powder products.

Balchem is the right choice when choosing your agglomeration technology. Our state-of-the-art agglomeration technology allows for blending, milling, and particle sizing, and can segregate for particle size control.

Agglomerated Into Single-Serve Systems

Single ingredients or food systems can be agglomerated into single-serve systems for food and beverage. We use Continuous-Batch Agglomeration Technology. This technology creates ingredients and finished products that are less dense, more dispersible in liquids, and free-flowing. This form of batch agglomeration creates a particle size that is uniform. This is important to the consumer because it reduces dustiness and improves mouthfeel.

Our expertise in agglomeration is advanced. Our experts in the field of agglomeration technology and particle analysis can help tailor the perfect solution for your products and processes. We can help determine particle size, porosity, surface area, charge, composition, emulsion stability, dispersion, and dissolution for your perfect product. We create custom solutions for a variety of different markets. If you’re not sure what type of agglomeration solution is right for you, we’d be more than happy to assist you. Contact us here for a more advanced agglomeration 101.

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