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Glimmer™ Inclusions

Glitter Shimmery Colorful FUN

From Balchem®, Glimmer inclusions are the shiniest, shimmery way to include fun in your sweet baked goods. Glimmer inclusions are available in Pink, Blue, and Purple. Engineered to help you simply bring more enjoyment to the eating experience. Glimmer inclusions are simple to add-in to dough or batter at the bowl. This technology helps bakers create delectable bakery bites with inclusions that only melt at specific temperatures to deposit shiny rivulets of color in cookies, cupcakes, snack cakes, and more.

Features and Benefits of Glimmer Inclusions

Balchem can help craft food that generate excitement for the consumer who wants to try new and exciting experiences…and have some fun! We can help add fun to better-for-you foods in order to increase their appeal and make your decadent foods and frozen desserts delight. Balchem Glimmer creates a feast for the eyes with bright colors and multi-layer textures. Spring Some Whimsy with these features and benefits:


  • Color and glimmer are protected until released during baking
  • Color stability during product storage
  • No color bleeding
  • Creates shiny, shimmery bursts of color
  • Ease of use

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