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BakeShure® Sours

BakeShure® Sours make it possible to produce specialty sourdough flavored bread by delivering superior sourdough flavor. Balchem proprietary microencapsulation technology allows manufacturers to easily create new sourdough formulas using our ‘drop-in’ technology. Since BakeShure® Sours do not release until the final stages of baking, formulators using this technology see: 

  • Improved color
  • Greater loaf volume
  • Better finished product appearance
  • Production processes simplified

BakeShure® Advantages


  • Product appearance
  • Release of sourdough flavor
  • Development cost with ‘drop-in’ formulation


  • Yeast activity
  • Integrity of gluten protein
  • Dough consistency


  • Superior finished products
  • Consistent product volume
  • Classic sourdough flavor profiles at lower cost

Six loaves of assorted bread which are different colors of brown

BakeShure® Optimizes Loaf Volume

BakeShure® Optimizes Loaf Volume. Two pieces of bread on a grid background taht shows the fullness of Bakeshure Sours.

Using BakeShure® Sours at 1.25% (Baker’s Percent) improves finished product loaf
volume and overall product appearance.

High Quality Sourdough & Rye Bread

BakeShure® Sours is more than just an enhancer; it’s a guardian of your bread’s quality. BakeShure® protects the yeast activity, preserves the integrity of gluten protein, and maintains dough consistency throughout the entire baking process. This ensures consistent product volume and classic sourdough flavor profiles, all while reducing development time thanks to its ‘drop-in’ formulation. Discover the difference BakeShure® can make in your bakery and elevate your sourdough and rye bread to new heights of perfection! Contact us and request your free sample today.

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